Privacy Policy

On this page, we set out the privacy policy that is used on this site. By reading this article, you will understand what rules we adhere to in our work, what confidential information we collect or don’t collect, and what information you share as our visitor.

General information about the data we collect about you

Our site, like all other information resources, collects standard data about you that may be available to us for statistics. Usually, when visiting a site, you transfer data about your IP address, web browser, and geography of your visit, and the visit itself can be recorded in the form of a video, which can later be viewed by us.

We do not collect any information about you as a person. On the site you will not see any forms of collecting personal information, we do not encourage you to register on the site and leave comments, although you have such an opportunity.

How do we collect cookies?

Small files such as cookies get to your computer when you visit any site, the data of the visited site is recorded in this file so that the next time you visit this resource you do not need to re-enter registration information or upload pictures.

For us, such files are an opportunity to understand the history of your visit and interaction with the resource. We use this information to better serve our visitors.

You can always block cookies in your browser if you don’t want any information to be collected about you.

But we do not recommend that you do this, as this may slow down your Internet experience. After all, information about the resources you visited is not stored. In any case, you have full control over the ability to share your data with the owners of the site through a cookie.

Google uses cookies to show you ads. I just want to say that in our privacy policy there is no information that we plan to show you Google ads.

We don’t use it, just like the tracking pixel or tag manager from Google. All of these scripts can add you to retargeting lists, we do not support this policy and we believe that every visitor has the right to refuse to download unnecessary scripts and cookies, which may somehow affect their privacy.