PeniMaster PRO Review: Packages, Benefits and Results

What is the Difference Between PeniMaster Extenders? Fast Answers

So many men want to use PeniMaster and by visiting its official website they simply cannot understand which of the available packages to choose: PeniMaster Classic, Complete Set, PRO Weight Expander, PRO Belt Expander, PRO Rod extender, PRO Basic system.

In this review, I will tell you about the features of each PeniMaster package so that you can make a choice right now and buy the extender that suits your goals and needs.

In this article we consider the following questions:

  1. What is included in the PeniMaster PRO Complete Set and why it is suitable for everyone?
  2. Rod Extender or Belt Extender?
  3. What is the Classic version and how does it differ from PeniMaster PRO?
  4. How to choose a package following your goals and objectives?
  5. What PeniMaster device is the best for the penis straightening?
  6. What is Weight Expander?
  7. How is PeniMaster different from any other extenders?

So, having read this review, you can immediately click on the link under this article and feel free to go to the right section of the PeniMaster website to instantly buy the right extender package without a drop of doubt.

So let’s move on to the points above.

PeniMaster PRO Complete Set

The best-selling and popular package today is called Penimaster PRO Complete Set.

It includes: 

  • Rod Extender system
  • Belt Extender system
  • A set of membranes
  • Sluice different size
  • Rod pulling force generator
  • A pear for the pump
  • The gel that is applied to the penis

The Complete Set is conveniently packed in a hard case, it is very compact and you can take it with you in a car or traveling.

What is remarkable in this package?

Quick Note
You can use the Rod Expander system from the Penimaster PRO Complete Set, this is the most effective and safe device on the market, but you can only use the extender at home.

Brief Review of the Penimaster packages

Rod Extender is the most effective way to get penis enlargement results. The Belt Expander system is easy to use underclothes and apply it easily and safely. This way, the device will be securely fixed and its action will be constant and effective because it’s important to feel the tension as long as possible to stretch the penis tissues.

When wearing under the knee, you also enhance the effect due to the dynamic load. You can tie a strap over your shoulder, waist or knee. If you have a curved penis, you can rotate it in the right direction with the help of the Belt Expander system without any risk of injury to the penis.

The main thing in this technology of vacuum adhesion, no hard parts of the device come into contact with the penis and the vacuum does not damage the head of your penis. It’s secured with the membrane. The pulling force generator by PeniMaster helps to hold the penis head and stretch it at the same time.

This is important – the belt extender can be worn for a very long time, don’t take off at night, and avoid discomfort and side effects.

Rod Extender or Belt Extender? Review

You have also two options to choose from the Rod Extender system or Belt Extender separately.

If you have already chosen the type of technology you want to use, it’s important to understand – you need to apply rod and belt expander to get fast and guaranteed results. When you use rod extender – you use the most powerful tension; when you apply a belt penis stretcher – you continue to use tension needed to stretch the penis tissues.

This applies to erection improvement, sexual endurance, straightening the penis, and penis enlargement. You can use Rod Extender only, but it is less effective than combining the two mentioned technologies.

PeniMaster Classic(Chrome) Review

PeniMaster Classic version has its unique technology, that has the right to be named effective and safe. Yes, it’s the previous one, it’s cheaper, and there only one way to extend the penis using rod expander technology.

Did You Know?
The Classic version differs from the Penimaster PRO in that the first one uses a base, special strap fastener, which consists of a soft silicone strap, threaded into the basis of the fastener.

The penis is conveniently fixed, so you can adjust to fit your thickness and length of the penis using additional rods.

 In the Penimaster PRO version, the penis head is fixed using the Pulling force generator with the vacuum adhesion technology. Both technologies are working, efficient and effective .

But most people choose Penimaster PRO today since it is a newer and more efficient development. At the same time, it’s more expensive.

I personally like Penimaster PRO because of the Pulling Force Generator inside the package. Since the head of my penis can be quickly and easily fixed and the extender can be used for hours 4-6 without any side effects, discomfort, and so on.

The Classic version is attached to the base of the penis, which means that when moving, it can create a certain discomfort or put pressure on a certain part of the penis.

How to Choose a Penimaster Package?

Goals and objectives can be different for every man who wants to solve his problems like the small or curved penis, erectile dysfunction.

You must determine exactly how long you will use the device: every day, once in 2-3 days, or at night.

Do you want to get rid of erection problems or increase your penis? Do you buy a device for penis straightening or do you want to solve also other sexual problems?

Your choice depends on these factors. Let’s review a few popular examples:

  • If you want to straighten a penis, I suggest buying the Penimaster PRO Complete Set, since the penis straightening requires the use of different types of load.
  • If you plan to wear a device outside – choose the Complete Set.
  • If you are not going to go out with it – order Rod Extender system or Classic device.
  • If you plan to work with weights – you have to be an experienced penis extender user. You will not be able to move home with the device applied, so its usage is very limited.

PeniMaster for Peyronie’s Disease

Each of the mentioned packages can effectively straighten a penis. But the Penimaster PRO complete Set is something I recommend to buy without a doubt. It helps to differentiate the tension-type, force, and direction.

Weight Expander

Penis weightings are the most ancient and correct way to stimulate the tension of penis tissues. Due to the division, the new cells appear and adjust penis length and width. Due to the latest PeniMaster technology called vacuum adhesion, you can easily use the weight system for the best results.

PeniMaster Comparison

You have to be confident about the PeniMaster as the best choice. PRO version uses both vacuum adhesion and rod extender technology and each device are 100% efficient, safe, and comfortable. This is a German development.

Many urologists and reputable magazines recommend it. No other extender can boast such developments that exist at Penimaster PRO.

In the classic version, fasteners are much softer in comparison to other devices on the market. You can add bars without removing it completely.

In the PRO version, there is a unique penis head fixation system, that makes your dream come true. Your penis can be safely stretched in a matter of a few months.

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