Jelqing Penis Exercise

Jelq (jelqing) is an exercise for the penis, designed to improve its size. This method is borrowed from the Arabs who from generation to generation, from father to son passed the practice of this exercise.

How Useful is Jelqing?

The positive aspects of this exercise are the following:

  1. Increase in penis size (length and girth)
  2. Improved filling penis with blood (improving erection hardness)
  3. Overcoming stagnation processes in the penis

How to Jelq?

Quick Note
The main task of the jelqing exercise is to discharge a significant amount of blood to the penis.

Because of rising pressure microtraumas may be formed in the structure of the penis. Typically, these microtraumas are healed quickly, and this leads to the fact that in place of the old tissues form new tissues, but in more substantial amounts. This feature is used for penis enlargement, which is based on super compensation injured tissues by the body.

For example, jelkinq aimed at increasing member may be compared with the growth of muscles: while you are training the muscle fibers are injured, and during the rest, new muscle fibers are formed in their place, but they are larger than the previous ones.

Wet Jelqing Technique
  1. Achieve an erection in the 50-75% (in any case not more).
  2. Bending the thumb and index finger into the ok sign, grab the penis as close as possible to the base.
  3. Squeeze grip and slowly lead to the capture to the head of the penis, keeping the penis parallel to the floor.
  4. Once your catch would be at the base of the head, grab the bottom of the penis with your other hand and release your grip around the glans.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with the other hand.

 After the jelqing exercise, your penis should look more massive in the calm state – a sure sign that jelqing is successful .

It is not a difficult exercise at first sight, but it will take some time to master it completely.

It is very effective to combine jelqing with taking supplements for penis enlargement. You will achieve better results if you use these methods in the complex. You can also mix jelqing with other exercises for penis enhancement, for example, penis stretching with SizeGenetics penis extender.

You can find some information about jelqing on Wikipedia.

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