How to Choose the Best Fleshlight? My Step-by-Step Review/Guide

Fleshlight male sex toys – your pocket pleasure

There is no man who at least once did not think about buying a sex toy. This may be due to the need for quick sexual discharge, endurance training, or the inability to have full sexual relations with a partner.

The most popular brand in this segment of the market for intimate goods is today – the American Fleshlight. His main specialization is a maximum male pleasure. And, believe me, more than 8,000,000 men have long appreciated all the advantages of Fleshlight sex toys. 1) Have you decided to buy a flashlight? But which is better? Criteria

Make no mistake in the selection criteria: decide on priorities

At the first acquaintance with the Fleshlight catalog, you can just drown in this abyss of assortment, a variety of modifications, and functions. In total, more than a thousand models of masturbators in more than 10 collections are sold under this brand.

Each of them is good in its own way but also has its own fundamental differences. For example, the Fleshlights Girls collection is an opportunity to taste the sweetness of a pussy or an ass of a mega pornstar, but among them, there are quite tight models that a novice can cause unpleasant sensations.

And Turbo models, although they accurately convey the tenderness of oral caresses, look more like fan blades in appearance, which can scare away an inexperienced user.

Decide on the choice of 50/50 will help your own preferences and purpose of the toy.

Decide on your preferences and do not forget the main thing: a sex toy is a way of emancipating your sexual energy, so cast aside doubts and modesty, they are not your helpers, take what excites and excites, and if you get tired, look for a new toy. There are a few of them! Read this Fleshlight review to get more facts.

2) Confidence in the choice – why a flashlight (1,2,3)

Fleshlight’s masturbator benefits: is it really that good?

Why is Fleshlight the best? Perhaps there are masturbators in the market for sex products, but you trust them with the most valuable things and don’t want injuries and allergies. Cheap toys can cause not only discomfort from use but also significantly harm health.

Poor plastic and silicone. As a rule, they are not purified from harmful compounds of phthalates, which, imitating the structure of estrogen (sex hormone), enter the bloodstream and cause destructive changes in the human endocrine system. The consequence of which is infertility and impotence. Therefore, in the hope of saving a little on the quality of a sex toy, you can cause significant harm to your health.

Fleshlight is a 100% guarantee of not only quality but also safety. The advantages of buying the best masturbator of this brand are its constant replenishment of the collection, development, and use of advanced technologies.

Company invaluable experience

The history of Fleshlight masturbators begins with the receipt of a patent by company founder Steve Shubin in 1998. Since then, developments to improve this invention have never stopped. Each year a new collection of male sex toys comes out, which is fundamentally different from the previous ones. So in 2020, the Fleshlight Girls line-up significantly expanded, replenished with new replicas of female charms of famous pornstars – Kimmy Granger, Elsa Jean, Abella Danger.

Patented material

For the production of sleeves for masturbators, the company uses its own development of Super Skin (super-skin). This material is notable for tactile sensations. If you close your eyes, it is impossible to distinguish it from living flesh. But its most important quality is the absolute safety of contact with delicate and sensitive areas of the penis.

Awesome assortment

The range includes more than 1000 models, divided into 12 categories. It is easy to get lost in such a variety, but it’s quite simple to choose a model that is ideal for you in all respects.

The best exclusive masturbator models

Fleshlight has a lot of chips in its arsenal: from a variety of internal textures to interactive models. One of the main ones is the creation of a collection of masturbators – replicas of vaginas and the ass of pornstars. Completed in compliance with the anatomical features, they are complemented by unique autographs and are full of surprises. To date, the line has 54 basic models.

Also, a feature of the range is their appearance. Initially, masturbators disguised themselves as flashlights. But in the future, a model line “sex from a can” was made, where the case is stylized as a beer can.

Innovative technologies

As an innovation, Fleshlight launches real sex machines that, in combination with virtual reality glasses, create a complete immersion in video content with the maximum transmission of sensations.

3) What is the approach to the choice? (vaginal, oral, texture, sensation, use, preference, penis size)

Five main criteria: determine your preferences

So, if you are new to the world of intimate toys or just lost your way in search of replenishment of the collection, then pay attention to the following criteria:


Of course, for a man, his penis is the best. But, when choosing a masturbator, do not overestimate or underestimate the wealth that nature has gifted you. Since holders of modest sizes will not fit loose sleeves due to insufficient stimulation, and giants may experience discomfort from the uncomfortable location of the penis in the sleeve of the masturbator.

Choose the intensity

It may sound strange to someone, but Fleshlight is not just a piece of rubber and plastic to collect sperm. The brand’s developers are working hard so that every man can find the same, mouth-watering, and exciting masturbator. Therefore, they not only differ in size and texture but also have varying degrees of intensity of sensations.

This means that if you are a fan of quick discharge, then your choice is intensive masturbators with a wealth of internal texture and, possibly, some penetration rigidity.

And if the priority is long and sensual caresses, then it is more correct to choose from gentle modifications, since intense ones can even cause pain.

Understanding Stimulation Priority

To each – his own, this applies equally to the choice of sex toys. If it is enough for one to simply turn off the light and carry out a couple of fast frictions, the other would like to observe the progress of the process, enjoying visual stimulation.

And, despite the fact that Fleshlight is trying to ensure that the toys do not attract the attention of strangers, for users they have more than one surprise, from the contemplation of which the orgasm comes much faster. For example, completely transparent Cristal models. This allows you to observe the entire process of masturbation, fueling a sexual appetite.

Making a choice of penetration type

Fleshlight offers more than just three standard types of penetration: anal, vaginal, and oral. Added to them are fantasy, unlike anything on Earth, and the technologically advanced steam-punk. As well as a standard opening without gender characteristics for endurance training. Here the choice is easier to make, but for a wide range of sensations, it is better to purchase more than one model.

The presence of imagination – as one of the criteria for the right choice

Fantasy in such a case as self-obtaining sexual detente plays an important role. Can you relax by playing with a masturbator alone, or will you need additional stimulation? Fleshlight has the answers to all your doubts!

Special interactive models will not only help you take off to the peak of pleasure, but they can also create a sense of the reality of what is happening, synchronizing the friction of the masturbator with viewing exclusive porn content, fulfilling your old dream – to become a hero of a porn video.

4) The best intense sleeves (3 examples everywhere)

Rigidity and a little gentle: best for intense stimulation

Features of masturbators not only in the case or the presence of electronic lotions. The most important part is the inner texture of the sleeve. It is filled with various surfaces: from soft, almost even protrusions, to rather long and hard bristles and even “teeth” – conical protrusions.

Sleeves for intense stimulation have a rather rough texture. They are suitable for those whose fabrics are the least sensitive, for example, those who have circumcised, or simply preferring rather hard caresses.

Of the realistic toys, Stoya Destroya is considered the favorite – a replica of the vagina of a superstar of porn content. Already at the entrance to this obstinate “pussy” the user expects a lot of surprises, well, and a complete immersion he meets with a set of “fangs” that will leave a rather rough, but at the same time very sweet sensation.

Romi Rain, the winner of numerous awards in the porn industry, has provided Fleshlight with an opportunity to make a cast of her external genitals. But the main mystery is the alternation of protrusions, comb-like bulges, and narrow constrictions. Each friction covers the penis with a tight enough girth, stimulating each of its nerve endings.

If you still haven’t tried blowjob with a super prefix, then the Turbo Thrust masturbator is what you are missing. Its entrance only visually does not look like a sensual mouth, otherwise, you will find an exact imitation of the sensations of sweet immersion in the oral cavity and ribbed throat.

5) The best of realistic

Realistic – Complete Immersion

The main advantage of realistic models is not only in the material of super leather, which gives a set of quite familiar sensations from immersion in alluring female flesh.

Best realistic from Fleshlight are:

  • Sunderland Kendra – lepesto hibernation this kitty will actively stimulate your penis shaft until the head will sink into the soft inner multi-texture. This baby is not for nothing called Angel, thanks to the gentle execution of all the details;
  • Riley Reid, nicknamed Euphoria with his ass, will send you to the pinnacle of bliss because, during frictions, the head will receive stimulation from a variety of chambers and checkered structure of the internal filling;
  • Texas Alexis – enough free sleeve with a helical internal texture, twist like a vortex, because not for nothing that it is called a prototype Tornado, it is ideal for men, generously gifted by nature penis size, and can also be palatable to newcomers.

6) Top Blowjob Fleshlights

Oral stimulation: with which models the most “delicious” blowjob

Fleshlight offers you realistic oral stimulation with the Turbo range masturbators. These techno-masturbators, having an appearance similar to an airplane part, are actually designed in such a way that you can feel not only the tenderness of the lips and the playfulness of the tongue but also the deepthroat of a narrow and ribbed throat, wrapping the penis from all sides. Turbo has two modifications available in copper and blue:

  • Ignition – a screw-shaped entrance can scare the user away in order to feel it to the end, you still need to decide on the purchase of this device, since the next camera allows you to feel a gentle tongue, and the one behind it has a soft and elastic throat;
  • Thrust – the entrance is equipped with a springy screw-shaped lining, which continues with the following cameras that simulate the oral cavity with an elastic tongue, carefully – this model has a fairly dense texture and is not suitable for everyone.

Fleshlight Ice Mouth will also give oral caresses. This model has a realistic anatomical mouth with full lips and tongue, excitingly taking your penis. On the way to enjoyment, he will meet several chambers – from elongated ribbed to wide with icicle-shaped protrusions.

The main feature of blowjob simulator models is the presence of a vacuum level regulator on the back surface, using which you can feel the “sucking” effect, adding to the process of realism.

7) The best of dense flashlights

When you want tighter: as tight a girth as possible

Since all men are different, they also need different sizes of sex toys. One of the criteria is girth density. Such models are more suitable for those who already have the skill of handling various masturbators or those whom nature has deprived of its attention in the thickness of the penis.

Jessica Drake Heavenly – A deep pink sleeve meets the penis with the petals of the vagina, followed by an alternating series of contractions up to 7mm. A penis compressed by a dense texture can remain on alert for a long time, which is why this masturbation can drag on for a long time.

Tera Patrick Tease – this vagina is so gentle in appearance that even at first glance I want to touch it, but the main surprise is hidden in the textured inner surface. Which alternates protrusions and corrugations not only for tightness but also for sensory stimulation.

Turbo Thrust – this masturbator has no gender differences at the entrance and is designed to simulate oral sex, but already from the first centimeter of immersion in elastic flesh, the user understands that he was in a welcoming mouth with a playful tongue, bypassing which you can get into a gentle throat.

8) Best Fleshlight masturbators for beginners

Top models for beginners

If you have already decided to buy a masturbator, but do not yet have experience with similar toys, then check out the following tips.

Do not overestimate or underestimate the size of your penis. Try to make the choice as close as possible to your size.

Toys that provide tight girth and intense stimulation should not be worth your attention. Without certain skills, they can cause not only discomfort but also lead to injuries of the delicate skin of the penis.

Also, do not start your sensual experience with Original models. They are good and bad, but simply bored with a monotonous internal texture and good, as one of the collection units, but not for the first experience.

Of the most optimal modifications, it is better to choose the following:

  • Realistic Alexis Texas Tornado – due to the spiral-shaped cavities creates the effect of gentle absorption, since the cavities located in a whirlwind seem to stick to the entire surface of the penis, which provides sufficient, but not aggressive stimulation;
  • Mini Lotus – this juicy baby gently takes the penis into its cozy bosom and stimulates it through a series of wave-like contractions and extensions of the internal texture;
  • Go Surge is one of the affordable masturbators for penises with a size of not more than 20 cm. The corrugation of the toy has ridges and ridges of various shapes for gentle stimulation of every cell of your organ.

9) The most tender

Sensual adventure: some of the most tender

If you are the owner of an organ that is excessively sensitive to touch, then masturbators from the category of the most tender ones will suit you for pleasant stimulation or long caresses. For their production, super-soft material of low density is used. Its texture allows even large enough protrusions of the inner surface not to injure, but to caress the penis.

These models include:

  • Kendra Sunderland Angel – stimulation is achieved by the softness of the texture, which gently envelops the penis, which slides from the camera to camera, meeting various corrugations on its way;
  • Anikka Albrite Goddess – this vagina plays your senses due to the different texture of the inner chambers: the head gets a corrugated surface, and round bristles move along the trunk, like thin fingers;
  • The Lotus the Mini – a nice pink color of the vagina, as a gentle ripe fruit, petals, and texture create a slight resistance to the first penetration, but the wavy texture of the inner surface lures make frictions, one after another.

10) The cheapest

When savings are appropriate: choose from the available models

Of course, excellent quality is expensive. But Fleshlight is not just about sales. But also expanding the target audience. Therefore, among the modifications of masturbators, you can find quite affordable models. They are no less realistic or resilient and the material from which they are made is just as safe for your health.

These models include:

  • compact modification of Go Surge for penises up to 20 cm with internal multidirectional corrugation and soft conical protrusions, which alternate in several chambers;
  • Transparent masturbator Fleshskins Grip, which is characterized by the absence of rigid body and the presence of special handles for ease of manipulating it, it is enough to demand in pairs , so how allows transferring the partner control your sense experience an orgasm;
  • Quickshot Vantage is one of the cheapest masturbators with a through-hole, it does not completely grip your organ, but it can move along its entire length, providing stimulation exactly where you want it at the moment. It absolutely does not look like standard sex toys and is quite compact.

11) The most compact

Small doesn’t mean bad: a review of the best compact models

Compact models of masturbators are no less in demand than their standard counterparts. This is due to the fact that a small toy is easier to hide from prying eyes or pack in a travel suitcase. It is important to understand that the size of a sex toy does not affect its quality indicators.

Compact Fleshlight Models:

  • the anatomical pink vagina Go Surge is most often acquired by male owners of small penises, as well as a toy for travelers, its juicy internal texture can quickly bring to orgasm;
  • the transparent Go Torque masturbator will please the user not only with the texture of the toy but also with the possibility of visual stimulation;
  • Quickshot Vantage, an end-to-end sex toy, has no gender anatomical features. Therefore, you can safely take it with you on a trip or office for quick sexual discharge.

12) TOP 10 Flash Girls

Exclusive porn: the most “delicious” Fleshlight Girls

A collection of realistic replicas of the charms of Fleshlight Girls pornstars is the most daring development of the brand. An autographed toy, with anatomical accuracy, conveys every quivering fold on the subject of male desire.

In fact, stop dreaming about the girl from the video – take it and try what surprises its bosom is fraught with. Since the internal texture was developed jointly with the girls, each of them has a unique surface that can surprise and please.

Moreover, the manufacturer took care not only of lovers of traditional vaginal penetration, but also the possibility of testing sweet anal sex. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase both options in the collection for the possibility of a variety of sensual solos.

The most popular models of this series are:

  • Kendra Sunderland Angel – the opportunity to experience a gentle suction effect due to spiral notches and a series of teardrop-shaped bristles that create truly angelic caresses;
  • Anikka Albrite Goddess – change of stimulation is carried out wide and narrow chambers with different shaped protrusions;
  • Stoya Destroya, filled with narrow constrictions with soft “fangs” at their ends, stimulating the most hidden sections of the frenum;
  • Riley Reid Euphoria – has a variety of convexities and cross-shaped corrugation, as well as the presence of narrow and rounded chambers, which together cause delight from the first frictions;
  • Twisted by Tera Patrick – an extravaganza of anal penetration with a soft girth and spiral corrugation, especially well for fairly wide penises ;
  • Romi Rain Storm – five-chamber sensory structure, caressing each nerve ending of the penis with comb-like protrusions;
  • Jessica Drake Heavenly – a narrow vaginal sleeve that compresses the trunk of the penis, like a girth with the fingers of a girl, is also suitable for training the “stop-start” technique and the development of sexual stamina;
  • Asa Akira Dragon – miniature petals of a vagina of gentle flesh color take the penis into a cozy multi-chamber texture with protrusions and corrugation;
  • Texas You Tornado Alexis – elastic ass of this beauty gently stimulates the penis series of spiral ridges;
  • Elsa Jean Tasty – the most delicate, almost translucent color of the vagina with a cozy filling with a corrugated chamber with protrusions from tubercles and twisted ribbons.

13) Transparent

When you want to reveal the secret of orgasm: a find for visuals

Fully transparent masturbators are a mega-orgasm not only from frictions but also from the ability to observe how the penis makes them, breaking one camera after another from the internal texture of a sex toy. Such toys are most popular for joint pleasures with a partner, not just for committing frictions, but also for excitement from visual stimulation. Fleshlight offers three models of transparent masturbators:

  • Masturbator Turbo Ignition Blue Ice – accurate imitation of a blowjob, three-chamber internal texture conveys the sensation of penetrating the oral cavity with a gentle tongue and deep throat;
  • vaginal entrance Ice the Crystal – at first glance should burn the cold, but on the fact it is such as hot, how and living flesh, penis caresses five chambers texture with different of the feeling of fullness;
  • “Lively” and soft due to the lack of a plastic Fleshskins Grip body, in which the greatest stimulation is due to the strength of the user’s hand, as well as a delicate internal texture.

14) Fantasy

Fairytale adventure: an overview of models in the fantasy category

Fleshlight is a brand that is full of surprises. Want to play role-playing and sexual intercourse with a horror movie hero? Then the Fleshlight Freaks series is exactly what you were missing:

  • Zombie – the specific color of the vagina and the same unusually pleasant texture of the inside will surely bring you to ecstasy if you are a fan of the Living Dead;
  • Drac – for lovers of bloodthirsty vampiress a vaginal masturbator with labia in the form of bat wings, an internal slippery-velvety texture with protrusions and troughs provides gentle stimulation;
  • Frankenstein – a miraculous masturbator of disgusting green color with intensive stimulation by comb-like outgrowths;
  • Alien – a novelty in blue, which is positioned as an alien guest, but with a little imagination turns it into the vagina of the heroine “Avatar”.

15) Best Launch Interactive Flashlight

Virtual reality: a masturbator who will do everything for you

The cyber industry of sexual pleasure is gaining momentum. And, if you don’t surprise anyone with the presence of vibrations in the masturbator that respond to voice or music, the Launch system is a whole sex-machine. Its main advantage is the lack of effort on your part. You can completely surrender to sensual masturbation.

The system can work in two modes:

  • automated caresses with settings for frictions, their speed, depth and rhythm, which can be changed even in the process;
  • Interactive settings synchronized with reproduced porn content, which is especially exciting if you use the realistic masturbator from the Fleshlight Girls collection.

Full immersion in porn content can be done using virtual reality glasses.

16) You will have your own collection of pleasures from Flashlight

Fleshlight – build your collection

Even the most delicious dish served to you every day ultimately becomes boring. The same can be said of sexual sensations. No matter how cute and exciting the masturbator is, your penis will eventually get used to his touches, and the extravaganza of sensations will become somewhat dulled.

To prevent this from happening, collect your Fleshlight collection. Maybe it will become a daily adventure with new emotions for every day of the week, and maybe more. In any case, for completeness of sexual appetite, use different penetrations and degrees of intensity of caresses, something exclusive, like Fleshlight Girls, or fantastic enough as a series of Fleshlight Freak.

Be that as it may, you can always replenish your arsenal of sex toys, as Fleshlight annually releases “delicious” and spicy new items!

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