Penis Straightener that Fixes a Penis Curvature in 45 Days

The penis straightener device is one of the most popular tools to cure Peyronie’s Disease and penis curvature. All straightening devices work on the same principle. But there is a unique system, that works better than others.

The Quiсk Extender Pro Peyronies Edition will apply gentle, but consistent traction power to stretch the penile cells. This new soft tissue will enlarge your penis size and will help to correct the penile curvature in 45 days. The price of the extender is only $179.99, but if you use the secret discount code (QEP15), you can save 15% on your today’s order

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There are various penis straighteners available on the market now. One of the most popular ones is the Quiсk Extender Pro. In this article, I’ll give you an explanation about Peyronies Edition and how it works on your penis.

How To Straighten a Curved Penis Naturally?

The Quiсk Extender Pro Peyronies Edition is a penis traction device that can treat your penis curvature. This device will maintain your erection, so it’s sufficient for sex. The Quiсk Extender Pro consists of the following:

  • Preassembled Penis Extender
  • DSS System
  • Ergonomic Contoured Base
  • Calibrated Spring
  • FREE Vitamin E Supplements
  • Memory Foam
  • Aluminum spring, pivot, bar, rods
  • Storage case
  •  The price is only $179.99 (free worldwide shipping included, use code “QEP15” to save 15% on your order). Click here 

The Quiсk Extender Pro is widely known as the best penis straightener. It works as a brace for your curved penis, holding it straight with a pulling force without any discomfort.

Clinical tests confirm that when worn properly for three hours a day over a period of six months, a penis traction therapy extender will reduce penile curvature. Click here to order Quick Extender Pro

This device provides an alternative to surgery and helps to correct penis curvature in 45 days with a revolutionary penis traction method and DSS(Double Strap System). This penis extender is the best in the world according to customer reviews.

It’s comfortable and easy to use. There is a detailed manual in the package that will help you to use the Quiсk Extender Pro device correctly and fix your problem.

TOP 5 Penis Straightening Devices of 2020

Below is a selection of popular extenders that are in demand among men all over the world:

#1. Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronies Edition


Why Quick Extender Pro?

What distinguishes this device from other popular products is its compact size and powerful action. This allows you to use the Quiсk Extender Pro straightener not only at home but also at work or during travels.

The device is almost invisible under clothes; it neither restricts your movements nor causes painful or uncomfortable sensations.

Quick Note
Regular usage can penis curvature in as little as 45 days.

Ultimately, the results depend on correct usage and its duration, as well as the physiological characteristics of the male body. The number of absolute contraindications is negligible, which expands the range of potential users.

Here are 10 Reasons to Choose Quick Extender Pro:

  1.  Unlike other extenders, Quick Extender Pro has two medical-grade silicon tubes to secure the penis.  When using other extenders, the penis often slips out of the device, the thrust settings break, and the extender stops working properly.
  2. In combination with the Quiсk Extender Pro deluxe comfort pad, you can use the device longer than others without feeling any discomfort.
  3.  About 80% of penis extenders on the market use the same design, with one silicone tube that holds the penis. At the same time, pressure on your penis is concentrated in one place, and the pain becomes simply unbearable over time. The newest Quiсk Extender Pro development excludes such side effects. 
  4. Basic Quick Extender Pro’s design elements are made from medical aluminum. This material is expensive. After all, the price of the extender is only $179 with today’s discount. Click here to buy the device.
  5.  In any penis curvature forum, you will read about the vitamin D supplement, which should be taken along with performing the penis traction method. Vitamin D is included in every Quick Extender Pro package. 
  6. The useful and quality accessories, three-year warranty, and 180-day money-back guarantee underlines the exclusivity and efficiency of using Quiсk Extender Pro.
  7.  Most penis extenders use so-called comfort straps. This is a big problem, as under these straps infectious bacteria may appear. This does not happen with Quick Extender Pro, as it uses a safe technology that eliminates such problems. 
  8. The first results can be seen after two weeks of using the device.
  9.  Unlike other penis traction devices, Quiсk Extender Pro has official medical certificates of quality. 
  10. The product is licensed in the United States and has been available online for over ten years. Customer support, discreet packaging, international delivery make this penis extender powerful and trustworthy.

Where to Buy?

The Quiсk Extender Pro Peyronies Edition is available for purchase on the official site. The price is 179.99$. There is only one package available and you can use discount code: QEP15 to save 15% on your order.
 There is a number of benefits you can get from the official order: 
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Free International Shipping
  • Safe and secure online ordering
  • Plain box shipping
  • The lowest price possible
  • A genuine quality

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#2. SizeGenetics Curvature & Peyronies Edition

SizeGenetics is a penis stretching device that falls into the budget-friendly category. It’s ideal for solving a wide range of male problems. It’s the only FDA approved medical device on the market.

The extender’s action is aimed at stretching the penis, straightening its curvature, and restoring the sexual function.

The Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition is manufactured from high-quality plastic and medical metal, which do not cause any negative reactions or side effects. Every client can choose a suitable model within his budget.

The SizeGenetics Penis Curvature package costs only $299.95. Use discount code: SIZE10 to save $10 on your order + get free worldwide shipping. It’s a limited time offer. Click here to buy

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#3. Phallosan Forte

What is Phallosan Forte?

This device copes with all its tasks. Namely, it is perfectly fixed on the penis and works as efficiently as possible during usage.

Unlike a rod-based device, such as X4 Labs, where your penis can simply slip out of the device, Phallosan Forte technology offers a real comfort that helps the user forget they’re wearing the device.


To afford the Phallosan Forte, men try to find the real advantages of using this extender in contrast to inexpensive counterparts.

Is it worth it? Everything is individual; often men who seek quick results use noose traction devices.

Others advocate comfort but achieve longer-lasting results with the vacuum/suction method. You can wear Phallosan Forte for twelve hours, but the results will not be as fast as they are with noose extenders. Everyone must choose what is best for him.

The price is $339 and it’s worth buying Phallosan Forte to straighten your penis and make it bigger today. Ask to add 4 additional sleeve condoms worth of $100 to your package for free. It will arrive in 2 days.

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#4. Penimaster PRO

Why this Device is Unique?

This device is most praised in Peyronie’s Disease forums. And there are several reasons for this:

Important facts
Unlikestrap-based extenders, the PeniMaster PRO suction mechanism can be used within two to three. As you may already know, it is undesirable to use any extender for more than half an hour without removing it.

This is a must with other rod-based devices. PeniMaster PRO is different: the unique technology allows it to be used as effectively as rod-based extenders, but its vacuum technology makes it truly safe.

On the PeniMaster PRO website, you will not see any unnecessary marketing slogans. This is a real FDA-approved device, and that says it all.

Penimaster PRO Benefits

From a medical point of view, this device is effective and safe to use. Before using the extender, warm up your penis in the bathroom so that the results will be much better.

It is very important that PeniMaster PRO gives you an indication of the tension level, which can be changed and immediately adjusted. All you need to do is to properly adjust the length of the rod before using it using this indication.

How to measure the correct length of the penis for tension: Take the penis in a flaccid state and pull it off. When you feel the first tension, measure the penis. This will be your comfortable length for setting up the device.

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#5. Male Edge

Why Choose Male Edge?

This is likely the most technologically advanced, effective, and recommended device from doctors to correct the curvature of a penis in 45 days. Men typically purchase it because of the following reasons:

  • It perfectly adapts to the structure, shape, and width of the penis.
  • Three types of mounts, along with memory foam make the device incredibly comfortable.
  • Male Edge is a real lab, not a distributor. For the past ten years, they have developed and refined the penis extender.
  • The device meets all medical-quality standards. It is truly safe, even for those who are using extenders for the first time.
  • The device maintains the correct level of tension and comfort and is effective for correcting penis curvature.

Reviews and product videos are available on YouTube and specialized forums. We definitely recommend this extender.

Multiple clinical trials have confirmed the Male Edge‘s effectiveness, which is indicative of its safety and high quality.

Regular use of the extender boosts the sexual capabilities of the male body and stimulates penis straightening.

The extender’s action is aimed at relieving the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease: penile curvature and pain during erections.

Where to Buy?

The Male Edge prices are the following:

  • Basic€129
    The package consists of Male Edge penis extender, Ruller, Travel Bag, Rubber strap
  • Extra €149
    Additionally includes a protection cap
  • Pro€169
    Additionally includes a cohesive gauze

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Are You at Home Quarantine?

Use your time in quarantine to realize your dream of straightening your penis, lengthening it, and strengthening your erection. The best devices are presented in our Top 5 rating below. If you want a more comfortable device that can be worn for five or six hours a day, choose Phallosan Forte or PeniMaster PRO.

If your goal is to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time, then it is better to make a choice in the direction of SizeGenetics, Male Edge or Quick Extender Pro. The most comfortable and effective device is Phallosan Forte Plus, as it combines vacuum and rod technology, offering a tag up to a record 4.8 kg.

Consideration to Use a Penis Straightener

Some studies show that 50% to 80% of men are satisfied with the result of this straightening method. The Quiсk Extender Pro Peyronies Edition penile traction devices are safe for 100% of men.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, such as poor blood flow to the penis, diabetes, surgery for prostate or colon cancer, and physiological diseases (e.g., anxiety, depression).

Medical facts
If your erectile dysfunction is caused by these factors, you can safely use the Quiсk Extender Pro to improve your male sexual performance and fix penis curvature in 45 days.

There is a six-month money-back guarantee, which should help you to feel confident about this device.

A Guide to Choosing a Penis Extender

These days, each of us strives for perfection in everything, including the intimate aspect of life. Every man is dealing with sensitive issues regarding his sexual health, as well as penis curvature and size.

Without exception, all males wish to be endowed with a straight penile organ for the ultimate satisfaction of their sexual partner.

However, most men are not content with their penis shape, which prompts them to pursue a variety of ways to solve this problem.

Nowadays, Quiсk Extender Pro Peyronies Edition represents a fairly common method to fix a curved penis. Let’s consider a highly popular category of such implements, which bears the name “straighteners.”

The modern market offers a few effective models that differ in appearance, functionality, technical specifications, and design:

Such an extensive assortment can make it difficult to find a worthwhile device with a safe and effective impact on the male problem.

 Below is a list of the main criteria that you should take into account while choosing a penis straightening device: :

    • Its high level of quality, effectiveness, and safety should be verified by appropriate laboratory and clinical tests. The only viable confirmation of this is getting acquainted with the corresponding certificates issued by experts. As a rule, these documents should be publicly available on the manufacturer’s official website. Quiсk Extender Pro offers the most popular device on the market. Take a look at the Peyronies Edition.
    • Every self-respecting seller must guarantee the effectiveness and safety of their products. The manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the goods they offer.
    • It’s crucial to consider the consumer reviews available on the manufacturer’s official website and on various forums dedicated to men’s intimate health.
    • Duration of use. Keep in mind that a high-quality and safe penis straightening device does not deliver results instantly. The minimal required duration of use is six months.
    • Give preference only to those devices that cause no adverse reactions or side effects. Before using a device, don’t forget to examine the instructions, particularly the contraindications section.
    • Buy a penis straightening device only from the manufacturer’s official website like Quiсk Extender Pro. This way, you can be sure you have purchased an original, high-quality product that meets the stated specifications and parameters.

How to Use the Straightening Device


Almost all devices available on the market have similar specifications and employ the same mechanics.

  • Before using a straightener, thoroughly disinfect all its elements. This is necessary to completely eliminate the risk of infection. A typical extender consists of one or two supporting rings and clamps. On either side of the device, there is a reducible metal rod that ensures the stretching of the penis.
  • Place the penis into the supporting rings which are situated at the base and at the end of the device. Tighten the special straps to ensure firm fixation. The next step is to adjust the traction force with the help of the expansion rods.
  • The user should wear the device for no more than six hours a day during the first two weeks of treatment as recommended by manufacturers. Further on, you can prolong the duration of daily wear to 8-10 hours.
  • Keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to wear the extender at night because your sensitivity is lower during sleep, which may entail unpleasant consequences. Safe wearing is possible only during the day.
You will notice the first positive results after 30 days of daily wear; however, the effect will be minimal and quite difficult to distinguish visually.

To achieve the maximum result, Quiсk Extender Pro recommends that you undergo a full course of treatment (six to eight months).

Exercises For Straightening and Enlarging the Penis

To further facilitate the extender’s action, the user can perform special exercises that will contribute to the straightening of the penile curvature and penis enlargement. The Jelqing technique is to be applied when the penis is 50-60% erect.

Carefully curve the penis in the opposite direction of the existing curvature and fix this position for at least 20 minutes. Perform the exercise regularly: twice a day for four months.

The second technique requires lubricant. Generously apply lube to the surface of the penis. Use your thumb and forefinger to form the “okay” sign and perform a milking movement along the penis, but stop your hand near the head.

With your second hand, grasp the base of the penis and perform tensile movements; hold your hand against the resistance for 20 seconds. This exercise should be performed once a day for at least 10 minutes.

What Do Women Say About Penis Shapes?

We decided to find out the opinion of the fair sex as to which shape of the male genital organ is the most attractive.

Did You Know?
According to the majority of answers, the most preferred shape of the male reproductive organ is a straight line, possibly with a small curvature, but no more than 5%.

Women say that sex is less great with men who exhibit symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. A penile curvature usually results in discomfort during intercourse and erection problems, which negatively affect the quality of orgasms of both partners.

The Results

Virtually all modern devices are multifunctional devices designed to eliminate a range of male intimate issues. Let’s outline the beneficial aspects of using and Quiсk Extender Pro penis straightening device:

  • Normalized sexual capabilities. Stronger, more powerful, and longer-lasting erections, enhanced libido, no premature ejaculations, a boost to the volume of ejaculate, as well as brighter and more intense orgasms.
  • Straightening of the congenital or acquired penile curvature.
  • A 10-20% enlargement of the size parameters.
  • The user regains confidence in his intimate capabilities.

Click here to order Quiсk Extender Pro

If you dream of changing your sex life for the better, consider the available ways to magnify the parameters of your reproductive organ and straighten the penile curvature if there is any.

Every third man is plagued by insecurities caused by the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

A reliable and multifunctional extending device like Quiсk Extender Pro is an effective and safe means for straightening the penis and bringing back to normal the sexual capabilities of your body.

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