ExtenZe Review, Medical Facts, Celebrities and Actual Results [PROOFS]

Philosophy of stable erection: ExtenZe – the elixir of male youth

Every man’s nightmare that can cause cold perspiration and tremble in his knees is a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

But no matter how scary it sounds, this is not a reason to fall into despair and depression, since even from this situation there is a way out and the opportunity to lead a full-fledged sexual life.

1) Product fame, Ron Jeremy, media, YouTube video

ExtenZe popularity – opinion manipulation

One of the best-selling male enhancement supplements is ExtenZe. In addition to Internet sites and the official site, it can be purchased at more than 75,000 outlets.

For the first time on the market of drugs to eliminate the effects of erectile dysfunction ExtenZe entered in 2004 and for more than 15 years remains quite popular due to its properties.

The face of the ExtenZe brand at one time was porn star Ron Jeremy, NASCAR racer Kevin Conway, head coach of Miami Hurricanes Jimmy Johnson.

ExtenZe was also involved in a doping scandal related to the name of a three-time world champion in athletics La Shawn Merritt. Among the YouTube content, you can find both positive and negative reviews, with the mention of dietary supplements. Unscrupulous bloggers trying to attract attention to their content try to attract attention by disseminating information about the lack of evidence of the effect of ExtenZe.

Nevertheless, the drug has been repeatedly tested by the FDA and today there is no ban on the sale of the drug, as can be seen on the official website. You can find a lot of facts about clinical results of using ExtenZe in this review.

2 ) What is ExtenZe

The transformation of male power

When developing ExtenZe, the manufacturer took as a basis for the plants that have been used since ancient times to increase potency, libido, and sexual stamina. These include Yohimbe. ginseng, Eleutherococcus, turner. Since 2004, the formula of the drug has undergone some changes to correct its effects and stop the possible negative effects.

Today’s composition of a combination of plant extracts and amino acids can solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. In addition, the use of the drug helps to increase the penis, increase libido, and sexual stamina.

Unlike medications, taking ExtenZe completely eliminates the occurrence of side effects and risks to life and health. This is possible due to the absence of the components of artificially synthesized substances that can accumulate in the liver, kidneys, or vascular system.

3) All the benefits

ExtenZe Pros and Cons

In addition to the main purpose – relief of erectile dysfunction, regular administration of the drug provides a positive effect on the male body, which consists of the following points.


Since ExtenZe contains aphrodisiacs and components that normalize the functioning of the nervous system, in particular Eleutherococcus and ginseng, such a balance provides a significant increase in sexual “appetite” and attraction.


It does not matter what caused the short intercourse before taking the drug, from the first days of the course men note a significant increase in sexual stamina and an increase in the duration of intercourse.

Penis resizing

The size of the penis is significantly affected by the state of blood circulation. Extracts that contribute to the normalization of blood flow in the pelvic organs contribute to the full filling of the cavernous bodies with blood, causing the tissues to stretch, and, under the influence of tension, cells begin to actively divide. From this, the penis grows not only in length but also in width.

Muscle gain

One of the components of ExtenZe is the amino acid L-arginine. Its effect on the body is multifaceted. But one of the features is the activation of muscle protein synthesis. Therefore, regular intake of the drug, even in the absence of heavy physical exertion, contributes to an increase in muscle mass. This is one of the reasons why ExtenZe is not recommended for professional athletes.

Erection stability

It is provided due to the normalization of blood circulation and due to the amino acid L-arginine, which activates the saturation of blood with nitric oxide. The effect of this element provides a long and stable erection due to the full filling and retention of blood and lymph in the cavernous bodies.

Premature ejaculation

Men usually forget about this pathology with ExtenZe. This feature of the drug, which allows you to relax and not think about possible failure, as well as the need to wear several condoms to reduce the sensitivity of the head, is one of the main advantages of the dietary supplement.

Together, the effect of each component of the formula allows a man to survive a second youth, to feel not just sexually active, but also resistant to prolonged physical exertion.

4) Clinical study ( Font of intimacy in Tampa in 2004)

Experimentally proven effectiveness

Over the entire history of the implementation, ExtenZe has repeatedly come under the close attention of clinicians. In addition to preliminary tests conducted by the Foundation for intimacy in Tampa in 2004, the drug was also re-tested to find harmful components. One major test was a study commissioned by the FDA that oversees the safety of food, medicine, and cosmetics to be sold in the United States.

None of the tests have confirmed the possible health risks of taking ExtenZe according to medical and customer reviews.

5) Ingredients at a Glance

The secret to the effectiveness of ExtenZe

It is the balance of components that ensures the safety of the use of the drug. Its peculiarity is that it is impossible to isolate any one active substance since each ingredient is associated with some others and together they have the effect that the manufacturer guarantees. ExtenZe ingredients include:

  • folic acid – a water-soluble form of vitamin B9, which performs immunomodulating and activating regenerative processes;
  • zinc oxide – contributes to the synthesis of collagen, is one of the components that affect the size of the penis;
  • pregnenolone – activates the synthesis of steroid hormones in the body, affecting endurance and muscle gain;
  • black pepper extract – improves the absorption of other components;
  • extract of Indonesian long pepper – possesses senolytic properties; it kills obsolete cells;
  • ginger extract – a natural antioxidant with antitumor effects;
  • Yohimbe extract – a natural aphrodisiac and stimulator of erection, is also used as a dietary supplement in sports nutrition to increase stamina;
  • extract of Tribulus Terrestris – a plant from ancient times in Ayurvedic practice is used to treat impotence and sexual impotence;
  • Korean ginseng extract – immunomodulator, antioxidant and vitamin complex that tones the body and has a rejuvenating effect;
  • Monier snow parsley extract – a source of coumarin – a substance that cures sexually transmitted diseases and sexual dysfunction, is actively used in oriental medicine;
  • Eleutherococcus extract – contributes to the normalization of nervous activity, as part of the drug it fights the effects of depression due to unsuccessful sexual intercourse and sexual impotence;
  • leaf lichen extract – is a source of PDE5 inhibitor – a substance whose synthetic analog is part of Viagra, is used to treat erectile dysfunction;
  • velvet antler – a substance that increases physical endurance;
  • Epimedium extract – normalizes the work of the male reproductive system;
  • Turner’s extract – a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido;
  • Muira puama extract – aphrodisiac;
  • astragalus – a tonic for fatigue and powerlessness;
  • L-arginine is an amino acid that promotes the synthesis of muscle fibers and saturates the blood with nitric oxide.

6) Is it worth to buy the formula?

Advantages and disadvantages of ExtenZe

Like any drug, the remedy for erectile dysfunction ExtenZe has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the excellent therapeutic effect that prevents most problems associated with men’s health, the drug has the following advantages:

  • dispensed without a doctor’s prescription – according to treatment protocols, the doctor is obliged to send the patient for a full medical examination before prescribing drugs, since ExtenZe is a non-drug medical product, you can purchase it yourself without having to undergo a full examination. As a rule, andrologists and urologists use it in their practice, and you can get detailed advice in case of doubt;
  • completely safe – despite a large number of intrigues around the drug and repeated checks on its safety, no organization has officially announced a ban on its implementation to this day, for example, the list of FDA bans is available on the official website of this organization and does not contain ExtenZe;
  • has a wide spectrum of action – in addition to solving serious problems, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sexual impotence, ExtenZe also has an immunomodulating, anti-aging effect, helps increase endurance, gain muscle mass, which makes it a real elixir of male youth;
  • accessibility – compared to the same Viagra, the cost of one tablet of which starts at $ 6, a monthly ExtenZe course will cost only $ 50. Importantly, there is no need to search for the drug on various retail chains – just place an order on the official website and deliver it directly to your home, while preserving the anonymity of the acquisition;
  • Long-term money-back guarantee – you can’t return a single medicine purchased at the pharmacy if it doesn’t suit you. But this does not apply to ExtenZe. The manufacturer guarantees a 100% return of your funds if the drug for some reason did not fit you, within 67 days from the date of purchase.

Speaking about the advantages, it is necessary to mention one significant drawback – the drug should not be taken by men who are professionally involved in any sport. This is due to the presence of components of the steroid group that do not pass anti-doping control.

Also, if you have hypertension, diabetes, or cardiomyopathy, you should consult your doctor before taking it.

7) Possible adverse reaction

ExtenZe and side effects: how safe is the drug

For more than fifteen years of existence in the market of dietary supplements, ExtenZe has gained a reputation as a reliable and safe drug. This was facilitated by thorough clinical studies, which made it possible to derive the safest formula for solving male problems. Due to the lack of synthetic and narcotic components, ExtenZe is completely safe.

Only a few categories of patients are at risk of using the drug. These are those who suffer from diabetes, hepatitis, cardiomyopathy, and hypertension. If you have one of these diagnoses, then before taking ExtenZe you need to consult a doctor, which is a standard procedure for this group of patients and is not evidence of a possible health risk.

8) Where can I buy and how much

How to buy ExtenZe

The drug is sold through retail chains in various countries of the world. But since it is quite popular, the temptation is great to fake it for profit. Therefore, it is much safer and more economical to make a purchase on the official website. Such an acquisition provides several advantages:

  • you get a 100% original drug;
  • you have the opportunity to save if you purchase the amount of the drug to take more than 1 month;
  • a manufacturer’s guarantee of refund is available to you if the drug does not suit you or you do not get the expected effect.

The cost of a monthly course is $ 50. When you purchase a two-month course, you do not pay 100, but only 89 $.

9) How long to wait for the result and how can it be?

The expected effect of ExtenZe

ExtenZe is able to affect only erectile function, but also on the state of the body as a whole. As well as solving delicate male problems, it makes sense to consider them separately.

Erectile disfunction

The most persistent results, indicating a cure, appear after 8 weeks. For maintenance therapy, the manufacturer recommends taking 1 tablet daily.


The first results are noticeable from the first week. This is due to the presence in ExtenZe of several natural aphrodisiacs.

Penis size correction

You can’t say for sure how many times your penis will increase. This is due to the fact that its size is affected not only by the drug but also by lifestyle, diet, work, and rest. The maximum changes noted by users are 27%.

Premature ejaculation

To correct and prevent premature ejaculation, the drug must be used for medicinal purposes for at least 4 weeks. In order to avoid repetitions of unsuccessful sexual acts, it makes sense in the form of maintenance therapy to take it on an ongoing basis, one tablet daily.


Almost all patients reviews say, that from the first week of taking the drug, orgasms become longer and much brighter. From a medical point of view, this has a positive effect on contractions of the prostate gland and its production of sex hormones.

10) Comparison Extenze with VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus, and Male Extra

Best of the best: Compare ExtenZe with popular drugs

ExtenZe is not the only drug in the dietary supplement market for men’s health and for resolving erectile dysfunction problems. It can also be compared with such drugs:

  • VigRx Plus – a drug to restore potency and increase penis. It contains a fundamentally different composition, in addition to the presence of the same aphrodisiacs as Turner extract, Epimedium, which is evidence of an excellent effect on libido. But it does not include Yohimbe extract and L-arginine, so the first changes will appear much longer;
  • Prosolution Plus is a dietary supplement for stopping premature ejaculation. It contains an extract of Tribulus. Otherwise, it is a fundamentally different drug with its own therapeutic effect;
  • Male Extra is a penis enlargement drug. It contains a large dose of L-arginine, as a factor in correcting the size of the penis, but in addition to this resemblance to ExtenZe, it does not, although in terms of penis enlargement and sexual endurance, it is also a fairly popular remedy.

It is impossible to say unequivocally that the above drugs are worse than ExtenZe, rather, each of them has some specific brighter therapeutic effect. In contrast, ExtenZe dietary supplement has a number of therapeutic effects on men’s health.

11) Frequently asked questions: is it natural and safe, how safe is the purchase

The relevance of doubt: the most common questions about ExtenZe

How safe is the drug

The safety of ExtenZe supplements is confirmed by the absence of a ban on its implementation and distribution. An organization such as the FDA, which ExtenZe has seen repeatedly, has not issued an official ban on its sale to date, so it is not listed on the US banned list .

What components are included in its composition

The components that makeup ExtenZe are of plant origin. Therefore, the drug is perfectly absorbed by the body, without causing harm and without causing adverse reactions.

How to protect yourself from acquiring a fake

Since ExtenZe is a fairly popular drug, the optimal order will be from the official website. Making a purchase through the site, you not only receive a 100% guarantee of authenticity, but also bonuses in the form of savings for the purchase of more than 2 courses.

12) Prescription drugs or Extenze?

Medication or Supplement

As a rule, the composition of prescription drugs against erectile dysfunction leaves much to be desired. They act once, require the accurate calculation of the time interval, poorly absorbed by the body.

Active substance

Their main difference from ExtenZe dietary supplement is the presence of one component, which is the active substance. These can be PDE5 inhibitors or second or third-generation antidepressants. Such drugs do not treat anything and do not have a lasting effect.

Side effects

Due to the fact that medications contain artificially synthesized active substances, their effect on the body is ambiguous. It is characterized by a significant number of side effects, such as cramps, nausea, heart rhythm disturbance, increased blood pressure. Therefore, the appropriateness of their use is too doubtful.

Exposure time

When taking medications, a man simply needs to keep track of time. Since the action of the prescription drug begins half an hour or an hour after administration and ends after 3-4 hours. If he can not keep within this gap, then again he will be disappointed.

13) What else will help strengthen an erection? Use Phallosan Forte, exercises Jelqing, Kegels.

Erectile Dysfunction: Assist Methods

ExtenZe can and should be combined with other means and methods to completely cure erectile dysfunction. Such a responsible approach will not only make you forget about the problem but will also contribute to the full disclosure of male potential.

Phallosan Forte is a penis size extender that effectively eliminates potency problems. By stretching the penis using this device, it is possible to stimulate the active division of the cells of its tissues. Due to this, not only the size changes, but also the blood flow is activated. Which is the complex that allows for a stable and high-quality erection?

Jelqing is a simple penis stretching exercise. It is optimal to do it yourself every day for 15-20 minutes. To do this, you need to take a comfortable sitting position. Form an annular grip from the fingers and gently lower it to the base of the penis. Next, carry out the movement of the grip from the bottom up, increasing the force of compression and tension. In this case, you need to focus on your own feelings.

Such manipulation not only contributes to the normalization of blood flow but also through the implementation of tension activates cell division, providing correction of the size of the penis both in width and in length. Due to the normalization of blood circulation, excellent results can be achieved in the fight against erectile dysfunction.

Kegels – Kegel exercises provide a series of contractions and relaxation of the muscles with which you control urination. They are able to fight not only with erectile dysfunction but also urinary incontinence.

Benefits – an affordable method that you can use to train your pelvic muscles at any time due to the invisibility of your manipulations. Start from a prone position to pinpoint your muscles. Try to hold their compression for more than 3 seconds and then slowly relax. Perform three sets of 10 reps each. Gradually increase the compression time to 10 seconds and the number of sets.

14) The right habits: diet, sports, sleep

Help yourself: what to do to preserve male power

If you are determined to win and want to forget about problems with potency as soon as possible, an integrated approach will be optimal, aimed not only at restoring an erection, but also maintaining health in general.

For full sexual activity, vivid and unforgettable orgasms, it is necessary to responsibly treat three factors that have a direct impact on reproductive health.

Rest mode

Observe a healthy regime of work and rest. A man should not be allowed to be overly tired and lack sleep. Since such a condition immediately affects the quality of an erection. The body turns on the “energy-saving” mode and eliminates the need for sexual activity. Therefore, erectile dysfunction is rare among men who sleep at least 8 hours a day and provide themselves with sufficient physical activity.

Physical activity

Sports walks before bedtime, cycling or jogging, fitness or bodybuilding – only you can choose. The main thing is not to overdo it, but also not to spare yourself excessively. It all depends on the lifestyle. If the profession provides for prolonged physical activity, then nightly walks are enough to compensate. With a sedentary lifestyle, it is advisable to engage in active or power sports 3-4 times a week. In any case, these activities are the key to sexual stamina and men’s health.


Carbohydrate-rich foods and a lack of protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids are a direct path to impotence. To maintain his male potential at the proper level, it is important for a man to eat balanced, as well as include seafood, fish, nuts as a source of valuable amino acids that support the reproductive system and normalize the production of sex hormones. Lack of nutrition and passion for low-calorie diets leads to inhibition of the sexual function of the body.

15) Causes of Erection Problems and ExtenZe

The effect of ExtenZe on erection: the most common factors

There are several of the most significant factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction. The following are factors of erectile dysfunction and the components of the drug that successfully stop them or prevent their occurrence:

  • diseases associated with circulatory disorders Yohimbe and hardwood lichen extracts successfully fight blood stasis in the pelvic organs, increasing blood flow to the genitals;
  • hormonal disorders – extracts of Tribulus Terrestris, Korean ginseng, Monier snow parsley successfully normalize the production of sex hormones by the body;
  • neurological disorders – extracts of ginseng and Eleutherococcus provide a tonic and normalizing effect on the state of the nervous system, leveling past failures in sexual terms;
  • physical injuries of the pelvic organs – folic acid, zinc oxide, pregnanolone, and L-arginine, as well as natural cytolytic – extract of long Indonesian pepper in the complex, contribute to the activation of regenerative processes, promote wound healing and activate cell division.

16) Viagra or ExtenZe? Natural pills give the result

Benefits of ExtenZe over Viagra

The drug has a number of significant advantages that distinguish it from Viagra:

  • safety – ExtenZe does not cause side effects while taking Viagra can cause a heart attack, stroke and even death;
  • exposure time – ExtenZe has a therapeutic effect and it is up to you to decide when there will be sexual intercourse, unlike Viagra, acting only for a certain period of time;
  • a comprehensive solution to the problem – ExtenZe does not just provide a one-time erection, the course of taking this bioactive drug allows you to solve the whole spectrum of male problems – premature ejaculation, impaired erectile function, libido, pelvic circulation, and psychological problems;
  • over-the-counter – to buy Viagra you need to undergo a complete medical examination, which requires not only a lot of time, but also enough money, you can buy ExtenZe and start taking it yourself and only in some cases you need to consult a doctor;
  • availability – ExtenZe is much cheaper than Viagra;
  • return guarantee – if you do not receive the expected effect from ExtenZe, within 67 days from the date of purchase, the manufacturer will accept the return and refund the money you spent.

But the most important advantage of ExtenZe is the independence of your attraction and sexual intercourse from taking the pill. Only you decide when and where the relationship will be and how long it will last. Viagra will not provide you such a chance.

17) How do pills affect premature ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation and ExtenZe: Will the Effect

ExtenZe successfully suppresses the appearance of premature ejaculation. For this purpose, such components as Yohimbe extract, L-arginine, and astragalus are introduced into the bio additive. Their impact, on the one hand, allows you to increase the time of sexual activity, on the other – due to the stability of erections prevent failure during intercourse.

Unlike most preparations, ExtenZe does not reduce the sensitivity of the head of the penis and does not delay the outflow of blood from the cavernous bodies of the penis. You no longer need to wear a few condoms or use special sprays with anesthetics. Taking a therapeutic dose of ExtenZe, due to the steroid hormone pregnenolone contained in it, you can stay in bed much longer.

18) How do pills work?

The effectiviness of the formula

There is no secret or magic in ExtenZe’s action. The components of the biological product, each acting on its own site, provide a lasting therapeutic effect. The impact on the male body is carried out simultaneously in several directions, stopping the pathological condition:

  • blood circulation is normalized;
  • muscle tone;
  • the work of the endocrine system is activated;
  • the state of the nervous system is normalized.

Such an integrated approach quickly solves the problems of men’s health, returning sexual stamina and erectile function.

19) ExtenZe and Sexual Stamina

Energy Conservation: ExtenZe and Sexual Stamina

The presence of a steroid component, pregnanolone, as well as velvet antler and L-arginine, on the one hand, is a drawback of ExtenZe, as it is unacceptable when undergoing anti-doping control. But on the other hand, it very effectively restores physical and sexual stamina, thereby contributing to a significant increase in the duration of sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is up to the man to choose either a professional sports career or a full and high-quality sexual life.

20) Why choose: trust, certification, clinical trials, reviews on forums, authoritative publications, 15 years on the market

5 real benefits of EztenZe reviewed

If you still doubt the feasibility of acquiring ExtenZe, then briefly summarize the 7 main reasons why it is the best choice for restoring men’s health:

  • ExtenZe – for more than 15 years in the market for men’s health products and confidently holds the title of the most effective drug against erectile dysfunction;
  • the product has passed GMP & FDA certification, which indicates its safety for human health and compliance with international safety standards;
  • despite the intrigues surrounding ExtenZe, he leads in the number of positive reviews on erectile dysfunction forums and YouTube channels;
  • clinical trials and additional studies, available for review on Internet resources, contain documentary evidence of the effectiveness of the drug in both the fight against erectile dysfunction and the issue of increasing sexual stamina;
  • FDA hazardous substance testing results – https://www.fda.gov/media/98730/downloadconfirming the safety of the drug.
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