Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Maybe you are considering undergoing testosterone replacement therapy to become more masculine in appearances. This post is going to focus on the results of taking testosterone.

First, I am going to talk about the permanent changes that testosterone will make to your body. These changes don’t happen overnight. Instead, they increase over the time that your body is exposed to testosterone. Eventually, your body will reach its maximum level for each of these areas, but where you will max out is dependent on your genetics, health, and body chemistry.

Stopping testosterone will not reverse these effects once they have taken place. There is no set order that these changes will occur in, and it will vary from person to person.

First off, testosterone will cause you to develop facial hair. Testosterone can cause male pattern hair loss. This is very dependent on your genetics. If you start experiencing this, you can talk to your physician about options to fight it.

Testosterone will cause your voice to get deeper. If you are still in puberty, you may even develop Adam’s apple. If you are passed puberty, this is unlikely to happen.

Testosterone will increase and lengthen your body hair. How much depends on your genetics, but it is uncommon t see more hair on your chest, back, butt, legs, arms. Hands and feet. Nose hairs and eyebrows can even be affected.

Now I’m going to talk about the non-permanent changes that testosterone can cause. Again, the amount you will experience these changes is based on your genetics, health, and body chemistry. If testosterone is topped, these changes will be lost or reversed.

Testosterone will trigger your body to increase its muscle mass. When testosterone first started, the body’s drive to add muscle leads many individuals to experience increased hunger and the need for additional sleep. The build-up of muscle, even in small amounts, can cause the shape of your face and body to change subtly. It can also increase your hands, feet, and neck enough so that your rings, shoes, and shirts may be no longer fit.

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