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Coronavirus VS immunity – humanity must defeat the virus

1) Protection of immunity in the light of an outbreak of coronavirus

Panic is a bad adviser, but the most burning topic today is a brutal virus that is not limited to a particular risk group and does not spare either children or older adults. Nevertheless, not all patients have a risk of dying, as well as those who have been in contact with the infected can remain healthy.

Reliable protection for the human body from viral infections is immunity. Of course, every person has it, but, like muscles or other body systems, it can be stronger or weaker. The development of immunity begins from the moment the fetus is formed in the womb. For infants, an important role is played by the innate immunity transmitted to it from the parents.

Therefore, it is so important to think about the health of the child at the planning stage of the child and implement all measures aimed at strengthening immunity. If everyone is responsible for their health, pandemics will be fearless to humanity.

The most significant factor in strengthening immunity is a balanced, vitamin-rich diet. It is prescribed to patients after surgery and during the recovery period, to people suffering from autoimmune diseases and to those who are in a spa treatment.

This is because fortified food not only helps to restore strength but also has a beneficial effect on the immune system, protecting re-infection or relapse of the disease.

Please note that usually virus outbreaks (bird flu, SARS, coronavirus) occur during the off-season when the absence of most vitamins weakens the body. He lacks:

  • vitamin D, because solar activity in the off-season is usually low, and cold weather is not very conducive to outdoor walks. Nevertheless, the content of this vitamin promotes the activation of lymphocytes and monocytes, which are responsible for the throughput of viruses and bacteria in the body;
  • vitamin C, because in cold weather, you don’t want to chew a salad or an apple, but you want to “warm” yourself with fatty and high-calorie foods. But, according to research by the Groningen Institute, a daily dose of 200 mg reduces the risk of infection by 80%, and increased to 1 g per day – provides an easy course of infection in case of infection;
  • vitamin A, because units like the liver and carrots, but this vitamin is necessary for the activation of T-lymphocyte immune cells;
  • vitamin B, because leafy vegetables, nuts, and eggs have never been favorites in our diet. But we must not forget that the vitamins of group B contribute to the rapid development of antibodies that prevent re-infection.

2) The attention of people is riveted to dietary supplements that stimulate the immune system. What is their feature (the most effective extracts, naturalness, speed, harmlessness)

Best Immune Booster Supplements 2020

Today, many “show business doctors” who are part-owners of clinics, in which one appointment is quite expensive, try to convince everyone that there are no pills that can affect immunity. But contrary to the slogan imposed on the screens of TV and Internet resources, that immunity is a kind of reaction that cannot be influenced from outside; it is vitally important to expand the capabilities of your immunity in this situation.

Unfortunately, the nutritional value of products is getting worse every year. This is caused by the uncontrolled use of agricultural chemistry for growing plant products and combined synthetic feed for the production of meat and dairy products.

Also, do not rush to the pharmacy with a bullet and buy vitamins in a dosage of medicine, in ampoules, or pure form. This can lead to open reception, since it is not always at hand to have a medical balance and a reference book, to measure the daily dose to the nearest milligram. Also, this is fraught with the development of hypervitaminosis (excess), which is not much better than a lack of vitamins in the body.

Therefore, following the main rule of strengthening immunity, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to vitamin-mineral complexes and active bio-additives that contain them. The peculiarity of such products in the combination of natural extracts and synthetic components that enhance their action, absolute harmlessness, and significant speed.

As a rule, among plant components, manufacturers choose those that have been used in folk medicine since ancient times: ginseng, ginger, garlic, coneflower, rosehips. Immune Supplements contain a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals and are convenient for use, as they contain their daily dose. Also, sedatives (sedatives) may be included in their composition. To stop the effects of panic and stress, which is also important in a negative epidemiological environment.

An important advantage of fortified dietary supplements in the speed of exposure to the body. No need to wait for the pill or capsule to work. Useful nutrients, getting into the stomach or on the mucous membranes of the mouth during chewing, instantly enter the bloodstream. Of course, it is optimal to take such funds for prevention. But their effectiveness will be satisfactory from the first day of admission.

3) A brief overview of the products Immune Support, Immune Defense, Curcumin 2000, GenF20 (rejuvenation of the immune system and the body), Root Vitamins (DNA-based vitamins). How they work, benefits, ingredients (describe)

Innovations in the field of stimulation of immunity

Trusting your health with drugs, you should pay attention to those that are used in the practice of vitamin therapy worldwide and have been tested in leading clinics in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, and France. Active biological products that have a tonic, strengthening, and activating effect on the immune system include:

Immune Support is a US multivitamin supplement for the prevention of respiratory infections. The basic plant ingredients are vitamin C and turmeric, which helps activate phagocytes – the cells responsible for the destruction of viruses and bacteria that enter the body. Release form – jelly sweets, contribute to the rapid entry into the blood of useful trace elements.

Immune Defense – a complex of vitamins, made in Australia, whose action is aimed at stopping and preventing diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It promotes a mild course of colds and a quick recovery.

It contains extracts of the immunity-strengthening root of Echinacea, paniculosophilus Andrographis paniculata, which is effective against bacterial damage to the body, including SARS. Also, zinc chelate is included in the composition to accelerate the regenerative processes in the body and vitamin C.

Curcumin 2000 is an American drug based on turmeric, which activates the protective functions of the body and facilitates the course of inflammatory processes in the body.

GenF20 is a comprehensive immunomodulatory system that consists of tablets and oral spray manufactured in the USA. According to studies conducted by Harvard Medical School, it was proved that a full course of the drug could not only improve the body’s defenses but also activate regenerative processes in all its tissues, creating a significant anti-aging effect. The complex includes complex amino acids: 

  • L-Ornithine – increases the level of growth hormone (STH) in the blood, which is responsible for the rejuvenation and regeneration of body cells;
  • L-valine – has a stimulating effect on metabolism;
  • L-lysine – is a catalyst for arginine, enhancing its action;
  • L-tyrosine – is a sedative, used to treat vegetative-vascular dystonia and depression;
  • L-glutamine – relieves the effects of chronic stress;
  • L-arginine – contributes to an increase in GH in the blood, as well as endurance and tolerance of diseases due to the stimulation of immunity;
  • nutrients: colostrum (triggers regenerative and immunomodulatory processes) and the pituitary gland (helps increase muscle tone)
  • plant components: astragalus extract (stimulation of the body’s metabolic and immune processes).

The presence of amino acids and nutrients activates the metabolism and the process of updating the cells of the body, which in combination with STH, provide an immunostimulating effect. Due to the form of release, the components quickly and easily penetrate the bloodstream and do not cause side effects.

Root Vitamins is a revolutionary drug that is made individually based on a customer’s DNA test. Available in the form of micro granules for rapid absorption by the body. Production based on biochemistry data and the composition of the customer’s DNA eliminates overdose and the occurrence of side effects.

It provides an accurate daily dosage of trace elements useful to the body. The laboratory of the manufacturer complies with international standards of safety and quality ISO 9001, 15189, and 22000. The composition of the drug includes only natural plant extracts.

4) Research on immunostimulating micronutrients

Trace elements as immunostimulants – research data

Due to the resonance that raises the question of the effectiveness of trace elements as Immune Supplements, leading medical journals are funding international research in this area.

So, The Journal Of Allergy And Clinical Immunology in October 2006 published a study by American scientists Ogawa Y. and Calhoun WJ on the effect of vitamin C on the course of infectious diseases and the risk of relapse.

Empirically, by monitoring a group of subjects in the amount of 120 people aged 21 to 60 years, it was proved that the group not taking additional ascorbic acid was in the hospital with the same diagnosis from 10 to 14 days.

The group to which the additional dose of vitamin C was prescribed was in the hospital for 8 to 12 days. A group of patients who took an increased dose (1 g per day) was in the hospital for 5 to 8 days. In this case, a clear illustration of the effectiveness of taking an increased dose of vitamin C as adjunctive therapy for an infectious disease is obtained.

Studies by R. Henkin, RL Aamodt, published in Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy on the effect of zinc on the immune response of a child’s body proved that in children born to mothers suffering from a deficiency of zinc in the body, which leads to a decrease in the activity of nonspecific and specific immunity, the activity decreases thymulin – a Zn-binding peptide, which leads to a decrease in T-lymphocytes in the blood, the so-called immunity cells. At the same time, it was found that deficiency correction helps to restore the level of immunocompetence.

5) Healthy food for immunity

Nutrition – the basis of immunity

A conscious attitude to one’s health in general, and the body’s defenses in particular, is characterized in a person not only by the search for effective therapeutic agents but by an integrated approach, including a balanced diet, correction of lifestyle and physical activity.

To strengthen immunity, it is advisable to review your diet and include those products in it. Which would help increase the body’s defensive reaction? The most effective immunostimulating products include:

  • berries – raspberries, blueberries – sources of vitamins, especially vitamin C,
  • fruits – citrus fruits, apples, bananas, pineapples, kiwi, pomegranates – provide the body with a complex of vitamins and flavonoids, which give the fruit a rich color, and the human body – the inhibition of viruses that enter the body and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • spices – turmeric, ginger, black pepper – contribute to the activation of metabolism and immune cells (T-lymphocytes, phagocytes);
  • veal is a source of B vitamins, zinc, and selenium. Which activate the body’s defenses;
  • fermented milk products fermented with “live” lactobacilli – due to probiotics, affect the immune organs in the intestines, the so-called Peyer’s plaques;
  • whole-grain cereals are a source of fiber, zinc, and selenium, which contribute to the body’s resistance to invading viral infections.

6) Lifestyle for immunity

“On the living – everything will heal”

People say that on the living – everything will heal. And, even though this saying is not one hundred years old, now it is more relevant than ever. If you want immunity to act as a barrier to malicious viruses, you need to live a full life, which includes not only a healthy diet but also sufficient physical activity.

This does not mean that you need to tear from the start in a sprint race or perform a bench press with a hundred-kilogram barbell. It is better to keep a moderate rhythm and engage in your usual sport. If you have never run, start with a walk, day after day, gaining momentum and only after a while goes to run.

During an unfavorable epidemiological situation, it will be extremely inefficient for the body to drive itself to exhaustion by excessive physical exertion. This is because the body is already overloaded with stress, weather and a daily viral and bacterial attack. Do not overload him with a sudden desire to become an Olympic champion just because someone said that the virus could not catch the sprinter.

7) Congenital and adaptive immunity

Types of Immunity

No virus will take an organism by surprise if its protective reactions are activated and in good shape. The complex of such reactions to the attack of foreign substances, bacteria and viruses constitute immunity. The body has a whole system of organs that is responsible for immune reactions: bone marrow, lymphoid tissues, thymus, spleen and lymph nodes, which produce immune cells (immunity cells).

Two types of immunity characterize the human body:

  • congenital – in an obsolete form, it is called hereditary, that is, that used by breast-fed infants. Such a protective reaction is characterized by low immunocompetence and pathogenic cells are recognized by the simple principle of the range of evolutionary kinship;
  • adaptive – or acquired immunity, which is characterized by the production of antibodies in case of a disease to prevent re-infection (active form) or develops after administration of serum with ready-made antibodies (vaccination or passive form). This type of immunity involves lymphoid cells and is also characterized by immune memory – the response of lymphocytes to the invasion of the virus, the infection of which has already occurred.

Therefore, to effectively fight viruses and prevent infection, it is important to activate the cells of adaptive immunity – T-lymphocytes.

8) How coronavirus fires immunity and how it fights

Coronavirus – anticipatory action

Coronavirus is a specific organism that can live and multiply. The most dangerous property of viruses is the ability to mutate and adapt. To enter the human body, the virus first enters a favorable environment for it. The coronavirus pandemic began with raw bat meat, which the Chinese tasted. That is, the virus from the nutrient medium of the killed animal entered the human body.

Further, the virus’s job is to reproduce as many of its kind as possible. By integrating its DNA into host cells, it transfers its genome to the host cell, producing similar organisms. Thus, the carrier becomes the source of the infection itself.

If the immunity of the carrier is weakened, then the virus does not cost anything to create from the host’s organism a “new machine” for the spread of the virus. Therefore, human immunity must be in an active state. A vaccine with ready-made antibodies could save the situation, but to date, development has only just begun. And therefore, so far, humanity can only rely on its immunity and, in every way strengthen it to prevent infection.

9) Healthy sleep, activity, proper nutrition, immune supplements – a single program to quickly strengthen the immune system

The optimal solution – an integrated approach

In the struggle for immunity, the “the more, the better” method does not work. What does this apply to everything: nutrition, physical activity, and dietary supplements.

Everything should be in moderation. A balanced diet and a meal at a strictly defined time. Physical activity is present daily, but not to exhaustion, to pleasant fatigue. Nightly walks are also effective. A comfortable night’s sleep for at least 8 hours with time for going to bed no later than 22:00.

Observe in all measures and do not forget to take immunomodulating drugs. Because an integrated approach to solving the issue of strengthening immunity will provide maximum results in a short time.

10) Who has weak immunity? Coronavirus Risk Groups

Risk factors

The prevention of viral infection is most important for those at risk – those most susceptible to pathogenic cells. If at first, the topic was discussed that only older adults could become infected with a coronavirus, then the practice has shown that this is far from the case.

The virus did not spare any children since it is detected even in infants, neither adolescents nor women and men of working age. Therefore, it is important to understand that not age is a risk group, but a lifestyle and a state of immunity.

Factors that include a person at risk for coronavirus infection include:

  • the presence of chronic diseases, the treatment of which involves continuous supportive care (diabetes, bronchial asthma, hypertension, hypotension, etc.);
  • constant exhausting loads;
  • chronic stress;
  • lack of sleep;
  • lack of a complete diet.

If one of these factors is present during an epidemic or pandemic in a person’s life, he is at risk. And urgently need to take action, firstly, to eliminate the adverse factor, and, secondly, to strengthen the immune system to activate the body’s defenses.

11) Conclusions (tablets work, but you need to change the lifestyle and model of food, sleep, relieve stress)

Together we can do everything!

Coronavirus is a reasonably aggressive virus that spreads quickly and leaves no time for prevention. Therefore, to activate the body’s defenses in a short time, it is better to start taking drugs as soon as possible that contribute not only to strengthening the immune protection but also its activation. Indeed, in this situation, “delaying death is like.”

The optimal solution for each of us, to protect ourselves and our loved ones from an insidious ailment, is a comprehensive approach to solving the problem. And this means – taking care of each other, providing the most comfortable conditions for work and leisure, maintaining friendly relations, maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in viable physical activity, and supporting your body with high-quality immune supplements. And then, together, we will not leave a single chance to the coronavirus!


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