Best Premature Ejaculation Pills 2020, that I tried Personally

Treating premature ejaculation is not an easy thing to do. You do need to address the root of the problem first before you can combat the whole issue. Some can be caused by mental issues, hormonal issues, or most just caused by the inability to control their sense.

Luckily, whatever causing your premature ejaculation, you can always take some products to stop the PE. For instance, we have four of the best premature ejaculation pills that you can try to address your PE problems. Here are some of the best-rated pills in 2020.

ProSolution Plus Pills

With just standard pricing of around $50, you can treat your premature ejaculation problems with Prosolution Plus Pills. This supplement is the best rated on the market to stop PE because it’s safe and made out of the most natural ingredients you can find.

You might notice some aphrodisiac ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed and Yohimbe bark.

The pills have so many benefits other than Prosolution Plus itself. It can give you a whole another level of strength and durability in bed. In doing so, you can have a longer time in intercourse before you finish your ejaculation.


Some people experience premature ejaculation because they have a hormonal imbalance in their body. This is mostly caused by the lack of testosterone levels in your body. If this is the issue, you can always try the Duramale pills to treat your premature ejaculation for sure.

The Duramale can bring you a surge in the level of testosterone in your body. By doing so, you will be given more strength and durability in bed to please your partner. The more level of testosterone will also increase your sexual desire in general so that you have enhanced performance.

VigRX Delay Spray

If you do not like taking pills, maybe using a delay spray would be the better option for you. VigRx Delay Spray will bring you all the best things that you won’t usually get from pills. For instance, the effect would be instant so that you can use it right before you want to have intercourse.

VigRx Delay Spray will create a slightly numb sensation in your body so that you can reduce your excitement while having sex. Despite so, it will not decrease the overall feeling of intercourse thus you can still enjoy your pleasure.

Rizer XL

Rizer XL is not your best premature ejaculation pills of 2020. The main aim of this product is that you will be able to have a stronger performance in bed. They can also increase the overall amount of sperm count which will directly affect your performance in bed.

The right thing about this product is that you get to enjoy the herbal medicine that it has. It brings you all the proper benefits of premature ejaculation treatment without any side effects. The pricing itself is in the average costing range as you can purchase Rizer XL pills with just around fifty dollars.

Today on the Internet you can find many different sites that offer to buy pills for premature ejaculation. But why can’t you buy them at the pharmacy? What are these supplements and are they recommended by doctors? In the end, do they work as manufacturers promise?

Modern official medicine will give you a clear answer – pills that would help get rid of premature ejaculation do not exist. But you will be happy to be offered various antidepressants, drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, dapoxetine ( SSRI ).

The only problem with all these drugs is that they can give side effects and such that your health can be in danger.

The pills prescribed by doctors can give some kind of weak, short-lived and unpredictable effects. Supplements such as Prosolution Plus, for example, or Duramale can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website without any recipes.

These are natural compositions of extracts, the action of which is proven. Premature ejaculation is the result of problems with your sexual function. It is necessary to treat such a problem comprehensively. You can’t just take a dietary supplement and get rid of quick ejaculation. It is necessary:

  1. Maintain proper diet and sleep
  2. Do sport
  3. Do exercises to control ejaculation. For example, the Star and stop technique
  4. It is also recommended that you use the Penomet Hydro Penis Pump or Androvacuum Premium Vacuum Pump daily. The effect of using pumping is proven and it helps to get rid of premature ejaculation

What do doctors usually prescribe?


Over the past 20 years, many studies have been conducted on the effects of antidepressants on ejaculation. The results are, frankly, dubious. One group of people stated that they had delayed ejaculation, while others complained of side effects.

Preparations for the treatment of male potency are indeed capable of influencing ejaculation. Prosolution Plus, for example, is not just a pill for treating one problem, they comprehensively help get rid of erectile dysfunction, strengthen erection, stamina and strengthen desire.

Practice shows that daily use of Prosolution Plus brings you closer to getting rid of premature ejaculation. Again, the impact should be comprehensive. Patients who also began to follow a diet, exercise, work on techniques and exercises to control ejaculation, as well as those who use a penis pump, say quick results.

Side effects when using Prosolution Plus tablets are not observed. This means that the dietary supplement is natural and does not contain synthetic materials. We recommend using natural methods to get rid of premature ejaculation and not taking any other drugs.

Premature ejaculation as an object of treatment – are there reliable drugs

1) Statistics: how many men suffer in the world ( or elsewhere) and are it a disease

A disease they don’t like to talk about

Probably, one of the most burning topics not only for men but also for their sexual partners is the problem of premature ejaculation. And, if a woman is ready to talk about her experiences to everyone she meets, then most men prefer to remain silent and not accept the problem for a long time.

And that means not making any attempts to eliminate it. This behavior is explained by the characteristics of a masculine character, but is it worth it?

In the International Classification of Diseases, premature ejaculation is listed under the code F52.4 and has the abbreviated abbreviation PE. That is, it is not just a psychological problem that can be dismissed. This is a medical diagnosis that surgeons, homeopaths, psychotherapists, and pharmacists are struggling to eliminate. The main clinical manifestation of the disease is premature sperm outflow before penetration or immediately after it. In this case, both partners feel dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse.

And if at a young age such a reaction can be attributed once to inexperience, then a medical diagnosis is made if more than half of the sexual intercourse in a man ends with an outpouring of sperm within two minutes after penetrating the partner.

To date, this problem is gaining a rather disastrous scale, since according to the WHO, the World Health Organization, more than 75% of the male population faced this problem, and 40% have a confirmed diagnosis.

Even in a developed country such as the United States, more than 25% of men of childbearing age have an officially confirmed diagnosis. Of course, in our country, accurate statistics are not informative due to the lack of confidence of men in doctors and the lack of a culture of prophylactic visits to a urologist.

2) Why and how it interferes in sexual life (10 reasons)

Why you need to ask for help or 10 reasons to get started

Few people sat in biology classes at school when they talked about the structure of the genitals, and teachers tried to close the textbook as soon as possible, blushing at the word “penis” or “sperm.”

But ignorance of one’s anatomy gives rise to myths that a man can believe for a long time – you can’t stay a virgin for a long time, masturbate harmfully, ejaculate – it means getting an orgasm.

Even though ejaculation is one of the evidence of orgasm, in this case, when it happens too quickly, we are not talking about any pleasant sensations. Premature ejaculation can cause the same rapid destruction of the personality of the man himself and that’s why.

Decreased sexual activity and libido

In a passionate rush of new relationships, the problem may even be imperceptible. But sooner or later, there can be no talk of satisfaction if the act lasted less than 2 minutes. This situation not only does not bring pleasure to partners but can also cause genital dysfunction because the muscles of the pelvic floor due to insufficient stimulation cease to function normally.

Sexual Dysfunction

Without getting the necessary sexual discharge, both a woman and a man can suffer from stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which is fraught with chronic pain in the lower abdomen, disorders of the genitourinary system. Ignoring the main male problem and such painful conditions will sooner or later lead to the appearance of psychological problems.

The source of conflict in the pair

The lack of trust, multiplied by a painful state, at first can manifest itself as banal claims to each other for nothing. But, as a rule, if you continue to ignore the disease, such a relationship is doomed to break. If a man wants to keep this woman next to him, he has long had to think about his health.

Psychological problems

The psychological problem is the reason why a man does not pay attention to the speed of ejaculation for a long time. A strong person is very difficult to admit his weakness.

And at first, being held captive by stereotypes and myths, the man does not recognize the problem, but every time she reminds herself of herself, an obsessive psychological state arises, which is caused by insecurity and fears that the problem will be repeated again and again.

Lack of self-esteem

Self-doubt will necessarily appear when a man during sexual intercourse notices a discontent partner.

Internal discord

Self-doubt becomes the cause of an internal psychological state when a man is attracted, but there is no strength left for satisfaction. This condition invariably entails sexual dysfunctions, the most dangerous of which is the chain: congestion in the pelvic organs, inflammatory processes in the prostate, infertility, impotence.

In the end, a man begins to doubt his male viability, which is especially promoted by outdated stereotypes – “you can not – not a man.”

The onset of severe depression

Gathering like a snowball, problems of the sexual sphere and psychological disorder can cause a depressive state right down to thoughts of suicide.

Self Destruction

In search of an answer to the question “why is this happening to me” often a man follows the path of less resistance and sees addiction to alcohol or drugs with first aid.


The appearance of this pathology is similar to the situation when the unscrewed screw in the chassis was ignored in the car, as a result of which the car has an accident and can no longer be restored. So with premature ejaculation, it seemed such an insignificant, but quite a serious problem.

3) What official medicine offers today: (SSRI, PDE5 inhibitors, anesthetics, antidepressants – briefly for each )

Medical advances

Turning to a urologist for help, a man needs to undergo “seven circles of hell” examinations while the doctor determines the treatment regimen. Among the medications currently in demand for the treatment of premature ejaculation, the following should be noted:

SSRI – behind this abbreviation hides third-generation antidepressants, which through complex biochemical processes can affect the psychological state of a man, thereby reducing the number of failures with the rate of ejaculation;

PDE5 inhibitors – (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) is the leading drug component for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a complex enzyme that can affect the smooth epithelium that lines the cavernous bodies of the penis, thereby contributing to persistent and prolonged erection and slowing of ejaculation.

For a stable effect, preparations containing PDE5 must be taken on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, a review of 14 clinical trials showed that there is no convincing evidence of the use of PDE5 inhibitors in the treatment of men with premature ejaculation;

Anesthetics are a group of drugs that are part of external preparations whose action is based on the numbness of the head of the penis and a decrease in insensitivity.

Such an ointment is applied directly 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse and is not a very convenient tool. The remedy does not cure but temporarily solves the problem. Also, it is characterized by the presence of side effects in the form of burning, itching, and numbness.

Antidepressants – designed to begin treatment with a psychological disorder. But the nature of premature ejaculation is not always associated with psychological disorders, so you can take a lot of pills, and the problem will not go anywhere.

4) Alternative methods: ice cream ( spray and cream), techniques (start-stop, etc.), work with energy (Taoist secrets of love)

Alternative methods of struggle

The trend in the modern treatment of diseases has been turning to various ancient practices: yoga, Taoism, psychological and physical training, using certain postures and techniques of sex. Not the last place in self-medication is occupied by funds that provide one-time help in solving this delicate problem.

Lidocaine – is part of the spray and cream, which must be applied to the head and body of the penis before intercourse with a condom. Lidocaine is the strongest anesthetic used previously in dentistry and surgery.

To date, according to studies published in 2008 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, this substance can cause a loss of sensitivity in those areas of the skin on which it is applied, as well as pathological allergic conditions. This tool does not have a therapeutic effect, but can only help forget about the problem at a time.

Taoist secrets of love – a combination of spiritual practice and physical exercise, requiring significant time for implementation and special conditions for practice. The methodology assumes that such a term as premature ejaculation does not exist, which is tempting on the one hand, but on the other hand, where to get time to completely immerse yourself in the study of these secrets.

The practice also provides for a special technique of sexual frictions, which must be performed taking into account the count and a certain rhythm of breathing, which is well described in the book, but far enough from reality.

Climax Delay Training:

  • stop-start” – training that involves stimulation and its termination in the active phase, developed by an American sexologist, promises significant results in 2-4 weeks;
  • compression – involves the need to tighten the penis in time, restraining ejaculation, with the thumb pressed to the bottom of the penis, and do not move your fingers, as this can stimulate orgasm. This technique requires training and the development of certain skills;
  • Tantric techniques – prostate contraction, scrotal retraction, meditative sex.

Perhaps these techniques are good, but there can be no 100% guarantee that the problem will recur again as soon as you stop practicing them.

5) The best way to get rid – supplements (a brief overview of Prosolution Plus # 1, Climax Control # 2, Delay Pills # 3)

Innovative developments

The pharmacological industry also does not stand aside and offers bioactive additives, which, unlike medicines, combine plant extracts that have been guarding men’s health since ancient times, and innovative synthetic components that significantly enhance and consolidate the effect of extracts. The revolutionary top three supplements include:

Prosolution Plus is a clinically tested drug manufactured in the United States (according to the authoritative edition of the American Journal of Therapeutics ), the reception of which guarantees a reliable result of control of orgasm and ejaculation without the occurrence of adverse reactions and addiction. The composition includes plant extracts used in Ayurvedic practice and a vitamin complex that enhances the therapeutic effect;

Climax Control is a tablet preparation developed by American urologists and sexologists that guarantees the onset of a noticeable effect of the treatment of premature ejaculation on the 4th day of taking the drug. The tool combines plant extracts and a complex of amino acids.

Delay Pills is a remedy for the treatment of premature ejaculation based on fenugreek extract, which also contains mineral components and zinc. Studies published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology contain information on the effectiveness of this drug among men aged 21 to 60 years, the rapid onset of the therapeutic effect of taking the drug in the first week.

6) Separately, we will talk about VigRx Delay Spray and its main ingredient, benzocaine

VigRx Delay Spray as a panacea and guarantee of results

Another innovative drug that is used in their practices American urologists reputable clinic AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc. To eliminate premature ejaculation is VigRx Delay Spray. It is perfect for those who, for whatever reason, can not take tablets or as an adjuvant at the beginning of treatment, until the effect of the drugs has a lasting therapeutic effect.

VigRx Delay Spray is a spray that is sprayed onto the head of the penis before or during intercourse. Two doses are allowed for guaranteed prolongation of sexual intercourse up to 35 minutes.

Unlike the obsolete lidocaine spray, the basis of VigRx Delay Spray is benzocaine. This gentle anesthetic reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings but does not cause unpleasant numbness and loss of sensitivity. Also, the absence of an allergic reaction in the form of hyperthermia, burning, and itching from the use of this agent has been clinically confirmed.

7) Why pills – it reliably? (only Prosolution Plus, well-known formula, and manufacturer, best results, clinical results)

Tablet reliability

No matter how wonderful the sprays and creams were, it is still better to enlist the support of a reliable drug that guarantees not just a temporary solution, but a truly stable result. As a rule, after a course of an effective course of treatment, a man no longer cares about finding a spray and worries that at some point you need to interrupt to apply the drug again and manage to not disappoint the partner.

The leading drug for treating PE is Prosolution Plus. The manufacturer does not keep the composition of the components secret and guarantees a refund of up to 67 days if the proper effect has not appeared. What else is needed to dispel doubts about the reliability of the product?

The manufacturer of the drug Leading Edge Health, which has been operating since 2001, is the largest American corporation specializing in the production of bioactive additives based on plant extracts, amino acids, and vitamin complexes. Production is carried out at cGMP certified facilities in the United States using high-quality ingredients.

The manufacturer does not hide the composition of the drug. On the official website, you can get comprehensive information about the components and their therapeutic effects in the composition of Prosolution Plus.

You need to understand that not a single remedy, dietary supplement or drug will go on sale without passing laboratory tests and clinical trials since their results are evidence of safety and effectiveness.

The result of taking Prosolution Plus according to studies conducted by the Korea Reproduction Drug Research Laboratory comes after 3 weeks with the achievement of a persistent effect of eliminating the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

8) The main causes of premature ejaculation

Causes of premature ejaculation or why this is repeated

By nature of origin, the causes of pathology of PE are divided into psychological, physical and biogenic.

The psychological causes that are often amenable to correction with antidepressants and auxiliaries include:

  • excessive feelings before sexual intercourse;
  • a sharp change in conditions or a new partner;
  • low sexual activity 9 lack of regularity and sufficient frequency of sexual intercourse).

Physiological reasons include:

  • increased sensitivity of the head of the penis;
  • ejaculatory reflex;
  • hereditary predisposition.

Biogenic causes of PE:

  • addiction to alcohol or drugs;
  • violation of the functions of the endocrine system of the body;
  • chronic prostatitis.

9) How do tablets work? How long to wait for the result? What will he be like?

Actual issues – no room for doubt

Since, deciding to take drugs to fix the problem, a man trusts them with the most valuable thing – their health, the questions that arise in the decision-making process are as follows:

How do pills work? According to clinical trials organized by the Urology Journal in conjunction with the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, the course of treatment is designed for 60 days. The first manifestations of the effect appear in patients at 3 to 4 weeks. Tablets have a cumulative effect, so there is no need to take them constantly. You need to take a break.

How long to wait for the result? The first results are noticeable already at 3-4 weeks of taking the drug. A persistent effect is observed within 60 days after the end of the full course.

What will he be like? It is noted – an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse, the emergence of control over ejaculation, elimination of the consequences of erectile dysfunction and a depressive state.

10) Simple tips (condoms, alcohol)

Is there any prevention?

In addition to taking supplements, a man can, following simple recommendations, be able to begin to control ejaculation.

The most common recommendation is the use of a condom. No matter how thin it is, it is still able to reduce the sensitivity of the head. Such a tool will work perfectly in the early stages of PE manifestation or for those who have increased sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis head.

A change in posture during intercourse can also delay the climax, especially about the pose of a rider. In the supine position, it is easiest for a man to control ejaculation. And it is necessary to forget about the missionary position, in which it is most difficult to control oneself.

It is also advisable to abandon alcohol and tobacco smoking, the effect of which accelerates ejaculation.

11) What ingredients in tablets help? What is the magic of Prosolution Plus

The manufacturer does not make secrets from the composition of the drug Prosolution Plus. The main credo of Leading Edge Health is a combination of nature’s gifts and innovative technologies. The composition includes:

  • Tribulus Terrestris – used in Tibetan medicine as an aphrodisiac and a drug that affects potency and libido;
  • Indian ginseng – increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood, which allows you to relax the cavernous bodies of the penis and increase blood flow;
  • Mucuna burning – African plant, enhances sexual activity and stability of erectile function;
  • hygrophilous eared – positively affects spermatogenesis and control of ejaculation;
  • kurkuligo orchid – is used in Chinese medicine as a means to stabilize an erectile reaction.

The preparation also includes vitamins and mineral Ayurvedic wax. This combination allows you to quickly achieve a therapeutic effect for a sufficiently long period.

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