Best Penis Extenders Reviewed by Experts and Customers in 2020

So, this is PeniMaster Pro – my favorite among all the extenders I have ever tried. In this case, you can find Rod extender, Belt Extender, Pulling the Force Generator, a pear, a membrane, a gel, instruction on DVD, and in book form.

What is the best penis extender today?

At PeniMaster PRO the same vacuum adhesion system is used for rod and belt extender. A vacuum is created inside the chamber that is safe for the penis head, which is located in the membrane.

Creating a vacuum here is carried out with the help of a pear. You press on it, put it on the camera, see that the latch is in the correct position, then turn the valve and the vacuum captures the head.

It is a painless and quick process. The penis head is firmly and gently fixed, the vacuum holds it securely inside without any side effects. No hard parts of the extender touch it.

After creating a vacuum, the pear can be removed and the vacuum will stay in place. Then you can use the Rod extender or Belt Extender systems available in the kit.

The belt can be conveniently fastened over the thigh, shoulder or knee and then you can calmly go outside without fear that the penis will fall out of the device or be visible through clothing.

Unique technology

Now, look at another PeniMaster extender called Weight Expander. It also uses the technology of fastening the head of a penis in a vacuum chamber, but the method of tension is not similar to either Rod extender or Belt Extender.

This device is suitable for advanced users. You can work with weights – add them for optimal tension.

Classic Rod-Extender

This is a classic version of PeniMaster called Chrome, its technology is classic, while the extender itself and its functions set it apart from any others.

Quick Note
Firstly, it has a very soft strap for fastening the penis, it is elastic, very delicate and you can wear the extender longer, that any similar device. You can use special silicone tape to eliminate any unpleasant friction.

There are several pieces in a package and 3 additional straps. They will serve you for a long time since they wear out less often than the straps in other extenders because there is a special system of clips so that you can put on and pull out the belt without damaging it.

It is very soft and delicate, it would be easy to tear. The strap can be conveniently quilted without any effort. Thus, you increase the life of the strap.

The extender also has convenient screws with which you can adjust the tension level of the spring balance, and also you can adjust the height without adding rods with their help. It is important to ensure that the tension level is the same on both sides.

The uniqueness of this extender is also that you can always conveniently unfasten it when you need to go to the toilet or add a bar.

You would have to unfasten the penis from the strap with any other rod extender and remove the device. Therefore, a purely practical advantage lies with the PeniMaster Chrome. This is a convenient extender.

There are rods of different heights in the package, you can build a tension level of up to 5 mm. The main thing is to monitor the level of tension. With PeniMaster Chrome you can feel very comfortable.

How does a vacuum penis extender works?

This is another convenient penis extender that uses vacuum technology. Here is the main mechanism, which consists of a suction ball and bells.

The penis enlargement device allows you to conveniently create a vacuum with simple movements to fix the head in the vacuum chamber. Simply screw the vacuum valve onto the appropriate base and create a vacuum with simple movements.

There is a convenient condom for uplifting a penis. You first determine the size of the penis, then put it into the training ring, put a membrane on the penis, and then a condom, and the penis’s head is in the cell.

The membrane and condom are very tender, soft, and pleasant to the touch. They stretch well and are highly reliable. There are condoms in the bag if it tears. The belt stretches perfectly, you can sleep with the device applied and go outside.

You can measure your penis using a special ruler, and select the correct diameter of the camera. A total of 3 sizes – S, M, L. Suitable for any penis size.

Three penis traction devices by DanaMedic

Now we will immediately consider 3 best penis extenders from the DanaMedic. SizeGenetics, Male Edge and JES Extender. Two devices – SizeGenetics and JES are practically copies of each other. Only the equipment differs, with SizeGenetics in the Premium package it is richer.

But in general – everything is the same. By the way, JES is generally the first penis extender in the world of this type, then there was created SizeGenetics, which, as you can see, works based on classical JES technology, which has proved its effectiveness. There are a lot of different packages available on the JES extender website.

The kit includes both straps and a silicone tube to create a loop to whom it will be convenient. At SizeGenetics package there are pads of 2 types, special powder, and gel, which should be applied on the penis before you put it to the device.

Such a penis extender is simple enough to assemble and configure, but again, you need time to get used to it, decide which tension to use, which system is better – with a loop or strap, which gasket is better to use.

Some people make the pads by their selves, rather than taking standard ones. It’s all up to you. In general, there are certain methods of how to better put on and take off the extender – you can see more about this in the separate video “10 Tips for SizeGenetics Users”.

There are quality and proven spring mechanism. The straps hold the penis securely while using the extender. A bar extender of this type is considered not very convenient, but as efficient as possible. A gasket may be used so that the strap or loop does not rub.

It is quite convenient to fix the loop, but it is not comfortable to use it hours at a time. At least for me. An hour later, it’s already very uncomfortable.

The strap is much comfortable, it repeats the shape of the penis better than the loop and is more convenient. So you can make sure that SizeGenetics and JES are no different.

Male Edge Penis Enlargement Device Unique Features

Male Edge is the next device I want to talk about. It is significantly different from the other two extenders of the same company. It seems to have collected everything that is so lacking in SizeGenetics.

Did You Know?
For example, you can add the length of the rods by simply turning the plastic base under the rod until  It clicks. It is convenient, quick and you do not have to remove the device to increase the length and tension.

The second unique feature of this extender is its ability to unfasten the penis extender using latches. For example, in SizeGenetics, you would have to unfasten the belt and remove the penis through the ring to do this. And here it is enough just to snap off the base with the penis. Further, just as well, it can be snapped back.

It should also be noted that this device is much lighter in weight than SizeGenetics. Do not forget that it will be worn on your penis and any load is a certain discomfort when worn, especially if you go out with it. This device is more comfortable to wear, it can be conveniently folded into such a bag.

Since I am fanatically devoted to the idea of ​​getting every penis extender, I ordered this device, which was called ProExtender, but it turned out to be JES.

I have nothing to try, this is a completely new device, in the package, I’m going to play it among my subscribers. The device is in its native packaging, all details are sealed. It is brand new as you can see. Subscribe to the channel, leave your comment here and you can win such a device.

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