What Your Boobs Say About You

There are all sorts of stereotypes about women based solely on the shape of our body, whether that is our height, our hair color, or even yes, the size of our boobs.

Quick Note
According to the “Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast”, which is my favorite encyclopedia on the planet, ‘A woman’s breast size speaks volumes about her, no pun intended.’

At least if you’re a firm believer in stereotyping.

 Research has found that people with smaller breasts, as these proud A-cups, look as hard-working, moral, modest, confident, intelligent and athletic, probably because it always just looks like we’re wearing a sports bra .

Meanwhile, people tend to judge women with larger breasts quite differently, assuming them to be popular, confident, and sexually attractive.

But why is there that difference in intelligence is stereotyping of small breasts versus larger breasts? This isn’t just something that exists in the pages of ‘The Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast.’ This is something I’ve heard from a lot, from large-breasted women, who are sick and tired of people assuming that they are idiots, based on their cup size.

Comment from Jonna, for instance, said:

‘I’m an E cup, and I’ve people on class assignments. Tell me not to worry about doing any work, because with boobs that big I’m probably used to having others do everything for me. And then they’ll follow up with, “That’s probably how she passes her classes with A’s.”‘


Ines said:

‘Being a busty woman myself, I do find that people generally tend to judge my intelligence based on this fact. Another thing I have found is that an effective way to combat this is only to wear tops that have high necklines and are more lose fitting than I would prefer.’

How fun!

From Cecilia:

‘I’ve always been academic, but when I was a brunette A-cup, people had no trouble with that. Now that I decided I like being blonde and grew to a DD, people say “Wow I didn’t know you were smart, you don’t look it”‘.

Lizzy said:

‘As a young woman with a DD chest, I for sure think that I get treated like an idiot! How dare I have a large chest and be smart?’

How could you possibly have things up here, no that doesn’t make sense, nope?

DD Paula says she deals with this all the time:

‘When I ask questions, I get different answers depending on what I’m wearing. If I am a little more revealing, I get dumbed down responses and get called “honey” and “sweety” etc. If I am wearing a higher collared or boxier shirt, I get legitimate responses to my questions using the correct terminology. Sometimes it’s the same people both ways.’

Pew, pew, pew. That’s my mind exploding.

And there were, even more, comments like this, all about this bizarre brain-boob stereotyping that goes on, that I was not aware of, because as an A-cup woman, no one has ever looked at my boobs and said, ‘Ugh you must be a total idiot, let me talk down to you.’

But now that it is firmly established that this happens and quite frequently, and does not feel very good at all, and often makes the person talking down to those boobs, look like a real idiot. Can we stop it?

First of all, there is no scientific correlation between the size of one’s breasts and intelligence. And also, the only thing a woman’s boobs should say about her is maybe sometimes it’s a little cold in here, perhaps I’ve got pregnant boobs, maybe I like them, so I’m showing a bit of them off today, and I think that’s about it.

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