Today there are many options available for men that have problems with their penises and their sexual health. Male sex organ is susceptible, and many men have issues with the proper functioning of their penises. Problems with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or Peyronie`s disease are some things that men often struggle with. One solution for treating mentioned problems is through using penis pumps. Many health professionals are recommending using penis pumps to correct different penis problems. Some men use penis pumps to improve the length and girth of their penis, while others are using them to get stronger erections. The good thing about penis pumps, regardless whether vacuum or hydro based is that they usually do not come with health risks and are less invasive methods for dealing with penis problems.

When it comes to differences between vacuum and hydro pumps, there are a few of them. First, we will start with the vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps use air as the main suction force. These are commonly used for achieving and maintaining hard erections. They come with circular tubes where you put your penis in. Then the air creates a vacuum which in turn fills your penis with blood. The result is getting a harder erection and improved quality of sexual intercourse. Vacuum pumps work by improving the blood flow towards the penis. The vacuum creates the possibility for more blood to rush into the penile chambers. However, you have to pump continuously to get a lasting erection, but constant pumping can sometimes damage the tissue of your penis. Today there are many various models of vacuum pumps on the market. Their prices are variable and depend on their features and the manufacturer that makes them.

Hydro pumps, unlike vacuum pumps, use water as the primary force to send more blood to your penis. They have become more popular in the recent years because they proved to be very effective in reaching quick and hard erections. The process of achieving an erection with hydro pumps is simpler in comparison with the vacuum pumps. The water is not compressing the penis in a similar way like the air. With hydro pumps the pressure is distributed more evenly on your penis, so you are feeling more comfortable. The hydro pump is first filled with warm water, and then you need to put it on your penis. Men usually do this under the shower or while sitting in their bathtubs. When warm water goes over your penis, the penile tissue starts to stretch and makes your penis bigger. Warm water enhances the growth of penis muscles and increases the blood flow that leads to the penis.

There are many pros in favor of using hydro pumps because hydro pumps have shown good results in treating different penis problems. The positive thing regarding them is that the water pressure is evenly distributed on the penis, so you can reach erection without using a strong vacuum. Also, hydro pumps cannot damage the muscle tissue in your penis because you are not required to do the repetitive pumping.  Most popular manufacturers of hydro penis pumps today are Bathmate and Penomet, both offering quality hydro pumps for men.

Both hydro and vacuum pumps have their pros and cons. Vacuum pumps are great for those people that have small penis size because they are effective in enlarging the length of the penis. On the other side, hydro pumps are ideal for people that have problems with erectile dysfunction and those that want to straighten up the curvature of their penis.

In the past vacuum pumps were the preferred method to use for penis enlargement for men, but in the recent year’s hydro pumps took over the market with their features and overall quality. Whether you use a vacuum or hydro pump largely depends on your and your needs. For certain medical conditions, vacuum pumps are better, while for other states hydro pumps have shown better results. Always consider your main reasons for using the pump and also consult with someone that has already used any of the tools. At the end get that penis pump you think will be most useful and that will provide biggest benefits for you.

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