Penis enlargement devices are widely used tools by many men in the world. The positive thing about penis enlargement extenders is that they can provide permanent results, but you have to be very committed and use them for a long period.

TOP rated penis extenders review

There are many penis extenders out there on the market and SizeGenetics and Quick Extender Pro belong at the top of such stretchers. You can gain great benefits by using either of the products, and both devices have their pros and cons. You can check the main characteristics of both products here and then go for the penis stretching tool that you believe will provide you with best results.

First, SizeGenetics is a clinically tested penis enlargement extender that has been present on the market for about couple of decades. That means that this is a reliable device that has been used and positively reviewed by many men. One downside of SizeGenetics is that is a relatively expensive product, even the basic edition. However, the investment is worth it as many men have pointed out that this device has given them the results and benefits they expected from it.

SizeGenetics is made of quality materials, and you will have no problems using it. It should improve your sexual life in all aspects, and your penis size should increase for a few inches with regular use. SizeGenetics feels comfortable because it is made of lightweight materials. This penis enhancement device works like most penis extenders out there.

How SizeGenetics Works

It builds the muscles in your penis by breaking old muscles and forming new muscle tissues that expand your penis. Initial results should be visible within the first few weeks after you start using the device. The benefits you can expect from SizeGenetics include stronger erections, more intense orgasms, increase in girth and length of the penis and fixed penile curvature. However, the claims that your penis length can increase by up to eight inches look a bit exaggerated.

Quick Extender Pro Instructions, Results and Review

Quick Extender Pro is another penis enlargement device that also claims that you can easily extend your penis if you use it regularly. It is made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials, so it is a safe product that comes without any side effects.

Quick Extender Pro has been on the market for over a decade now and has been an ideal penis extender to use for those men that suffer from Peyronie`s disease and that want to correct the curvature of their penises. This device works like a penis brace and helps in straightening and extending your penis. It uses traction method for enlarging your penis.

It encourages the growth of muscle cells in the genital area and by applying tension on your penis tissues, your penis starts to stretch and improve its curvature and length. This penis extender comes with double strap support system, which is excellent for painless using the device.

Quick Extender Pro comes in a package with the device, a pump, and a male enhancement supplement. Manufacturers recommend using all parts of the system for best results, but you can choose to order and use only the device, without the other two parts. Quick Extender Pro works in the same way as SizeGenetics by using traction force for extending the penis.

There are not many differences in the way how SizeGenetics and Quick Extender Pro are used, so it is a matter of personal preference which product you choose to use. SizeGenetics is a bit more expensive than Quick Extender Pro, but it is a quality penis extender that will deliver positive results. Quick Extender Pro is perfect if you want to remedy the problem with penis bent and for increasing penis length and girth. You should remember that both products require using for at least few months before you see visible results that should become permanent.

It is advisable you consult a medical professional or people that have used both products in the past before you choose one. Consider your personal needs and what you look to achieve. Then you will get a clearer picture about which product would be better for you. The bottom line is that both products are quality penis devices that will certainly provide you with good results over time.

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