Biotechnology, as a subject, is making some of the most useful contributions to the field of scientific research. Its potential is recognized by industry, the scientific community, the government, and universities. Because the biotech industry requires quality personnel and the number of people required by the sector is not very large, companies are open to funding biotech degree programs to aid deserving biotechnology students.

The path to scholarships and college grants for biotech degree programs is no different from what you would pursue any other degree. Most college scholarships require your FAFSA results, so keep them ready. Check out departmental scholarships in your college. Montgomery College in Maryland, for instance, offers the departmental scholarship in biotechnology.

The federal student aid portal is a good resource for looking up scholarships. When browsing for scholarships, check if the awards are school specific. This can have a bearing on the choice of school. The Improving Student Success in Biology and Biotechnology Scholarship is offered at the William Paterson University of New Jersey and is college-specific and is renewable for up to four years provided the student continues to meet the necessary academic benchmarks.

Another consideration is your chance of success with a need-based and merit-based financial aid. If you have the kind of GPA scores that scholarships normally ask for, then do apply for merit-based scholarships. The Graduate Fellowship award awarded by the Hertz Foundation is a merit-based cost-of-education allowance covering a wide range of subjects including biotechnology.

State-based organizations committed to biotechnology, such as Iowa Life Science, will often yield scholarships and grants of relevance to you. Finally, there are organizations committed to different sections of American society such as those working for African-Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, women, single mothers, etc. If you identify with any of these then there is a good chance of you landing financial aid to pursue a biotech degree program.

Best Biotech, Sustainability, and Related Masters Online Degree Programs

Biotechnology is where the science of living organisms meets the science of technology and engineering. Technologies emerging in the field of biotechnology include genetic engineering, stem cell treatment, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, and artificial photosynthesis, to name a few. The following schools all offer master’s degrees in biotechnology or closely related fields.