Breast augmentation is a long and thorough process, and not many women come to its middle. And those go through this process before the end of, can confirm that it is possible to enlarge women’s breasts. But for this, you need to make great efforts.

General principles, which will show how to increase women’s breasts, are divided into five types:

  • Gymnastics and exercises;
  • The use of cosmetic products;
  • Proper nutrition;
  • Massages and other effects;
  • Special water treatment.

To succeed in breast enhancement, it is imperative to use multiple methods. Otherwise, you will not achieve good results. Among the mandatory techniques – a change in diet and introducing into it the missing ingredients. It is compulsory to require the following:

  • Meat – Poultry, fish, veal;
  • Milk, cream, and yogurt;
  • Fish fat.

Remember that you need to eat meat. Especially – chicken breasts, which are readily available in every store. It is recommended not to eat grilled meat; the best solution is a stew or steamed meat. Fish oil is a very beneficial vitamin; it is recommended to use it with each major meal in the amount of not less than one tablespoon.

You may take some time to get used to this regimen. At the same time, you need to start doing special exercises that will relieve you of the answers, how to increase a woman’s breast without straining. It will not work, as you have already understood.

Every day you have to perform a set of exercises, which includes the following:

  • Warm up your neck and head. Take a stable position and make the slopes on all sides.
  • Body tilts in all directions.
  • Warm up your shoulders: take a strong position and enable the work of the back muscles, shoulders muscles, and trapezoid – you should pull them to the ears.
  • Slowly raise your arms to the sides and lower them. It is advisable to use a small weighting – 1-2 kg dumbbells will be at the time.
  • Spin your hands, combine: on one side, then – every hand in the opposite direction
  • Attach the hands to shoulders; arms are bent. Rotate elbows in a circle. In this exercise shoulders, muscles must work hard.
  • Lock palms behind your back, straighten arms.
  • Raise one hand put the other on the belt. Make slopes and try to reach to the side of the slope with your raised hand.
  • Exercise “Mill”: lean forward and make circular motions to the sides.
  • The circular motions of the shoulders forward and backward. Hands in the original position – hang down freely.

These exercises for breast augmentation is best done in the morning, after 1-2 hours after waking up and eating. The organism must gain strength and not be hungry.

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