There are medications including hypertensive blood pressure medications, male enhancement pills and creams (here are the brief reviews on male enhancement pills) sedatives, tranquilizers, things to calm down, anti-depressants, amphetamines, diuretics to lower blood pressure to get rid of water, antacids, antihistamines because of all the allergies going on out there. So these medications before you go on them you better seriously look at whether or not you have issues with this first before you start considering these drugs because that will directly affect your ability to perform.

Endocrine imbalances: low testosterone

Since we have so much estrogen dominance in our environment with all the pesticides in the chemicals, often men are now having low testosterone or low free testosterone levels because of all the high estrogens. We also see abnormal thyroid hormones. Today I had a customer come, and her children were all on fluoride supplements. And I know that’s a big thing to get to strengthen teeth, they did that with my son, and he ended up with fluorosis, which is the spotting on the teeth. The problem is, however, is it also slows thyroid down. So that can affect in long-term the development of the thyroid gland as well as be able to use certain hormones in the thyroid gland in the long term male performance. So please, once again strongly, think about before you start putting your children on those fluoride supplements, if whether or not the long-term ramifications might be worth it.


I know, we often think we’re going to have a nice dinner and drink a few beers. Alcohol is not the best way to get good circulation down in the male member or to maintain an erection. And when you combine it with other recreational drugs such as ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, all the drugs out there, that are used in the long run, it’s going to affect male performance, and it’s going cause impotence.

Cigarette smoking

Now we know that for every cigarette you smoke it destroys 25-50 milligrams of vitamin C, and vitamin C is what’s necessary to maintain one of the major things – to maintain vascular flexibility. When you have nicotine on top of that, and if you’re a cigarette smoker you are going to reach the point of impotence earlier on in life. So considering the usage of drugs, medications your diet, and lack of exercise.

Because of the nutritional deficiencies in the diet, lack of exercise, then we end up with all these diseases including diabetes, low blood pressure can also affect as well, peripheral vascular disease (that means poor circulation because of the vitamin C deficiency), swollen prostate (which if you have a prostate swollen it can cause an issue with male performance), atherosclerosis, which is a buildup of plaque in the vascular system which narrows the arteries and doesn’t allow for blood flow.

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